Saturday, September 28, 2013

Countdown to Destiny


And…Eagle is away.”

15,000 miles to be precise, the sun rose. A golden glow emanating from the dark horizon, the town arose in a wave. The silence of the darkness broke through and allowed the raucous calls of birds, and the darkness itself fought back into its shell, now invaded by the stretches of light. Children walked slowly, weighed down by the heavy bags on their tiny shoulders; and adults made their way into cars parked on the roads. The asphalt mirrored the glow, though not for long. The shadows of moving objects on its skin increased, and life went on.

Hearing the numbers and four amplified words from the loudspeaker, the group of men in green army uniforms, seated in a circle around the oak table, let out heavy sighs, and shook hands solemnly.

Clanking in the kitchens, and loud wake-up calls from the bedrooms; they all added to the early morning din. It was not different, yet this was the expectation with which the people arose. Schedules were followed and they were meant to be maintained. In the greenery of the garden, filled with roses and a enjoying a manicured lawn, a child looked up at the sky, and all he saw was a strange looking bird.

Moving towards a large world map, which hung on one of the walls, the senior most of the lot said, “Men, our reply has left us. It will reach our Opposition in around 15 minutes. Congratulations gentlemen. First part of Mission Replica is complete, let us all have a toast for that; and then we shall commence with Phase 2.”

“Mama, what is that bird in the sky?”

“What honey? Mommy is a bit busy sweetheart. I’ll just be out with Daddy’s lunch.”

“Till then the bird will go Mama.”

“It will come back love. And I’m almost there baby.”

An almost inaudible resounded to the surface and glistened in the tiny, yet sensitive ears of the child, and he shivered mildly. Far above him, the creature opened up at the bottom, and let out a ball of destruction.

The smiles continued to remain on the people’s heads, as they went on as puppets of their schedule. Nor did they know about the danger hovering above their heads, nor could they do anything to prevent it. Oblivious to the falling ball of catastrophe, they went on with life.

10 seconds later, it happened. And booms and flashes and screams permeated the place.

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  1. Amazing Karan! Simply heart touching :)

  2. Very Nice buddy! The way it has been narrated is really great.

  3. That was a good take on the prompt!
    Nice read till the last line.

  4. Very Nicely written Karan...Loved going through it..:)

  5. That was a good take on the Wow prompt. Well done.

  6. I do trust all the ideas you’ve introduced for your post. They are very convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are too quick for newbies. Could you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

    1. Will take care in the future..!!
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