Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The hope in me died a long time ago, but suffer I did not,
Something clicked, awakened in me; something better,
The belief snoozed and then swooned, never to rise again,
All I have now are the carcasses of what we left behind, memories,
Moments decorated with truth, realization and acceptance,
And as many of want, of desire and of all the wishes we abandoned,
There was a hole too, covered now, but not completely filled,
Banana skins lay all around the beckoning facade of happiness,
It takes just a moment for making, breaking, or even returning,
The figures take faces, choosing not to remain shadows,
The sounds take form and lost wishes become dreams again,
The image lies afar, distorted yet not broken completely,
I saw it once, the right way around; to wish to never see it again,
The picture's turning, building the same illusion,
It starts coming back, you start coming back, pieces of a jigsaw,
The aim is not to solve, to not visualize the end of the road,
There is no gold at the end of a rainbow,
A try is once, so is an incidence, but twice- a foolish mistake,
It’s all about choice and chance, and the will to change it all,
It’s all defined by decisions; there are no victims, only volunteers.