Sunday, April 28, 2013

Do Reality Shows do more Harm than Good?

It is said that the people of today are the creators of a better tomorrow. This statement has spread through the world and has helped to make people realize that new talent, and innovative skills are to be appreciated. Along with this realization have risen the tools for the display of new and vivid talents. Involving the internet, television, radios and other means of widely viewed mass media; the market for new talent has opened up. Today, there are millions of blogs and websites which portray stories, advice and new activities which can be nurtured to be hobbies; people speak on the radio and put forth their creative ideas in form of slogans and jingles; and people display their avid and colorful acts in form of dance, music and drama on television.

But which of the three is the most successful? In my opinion, that is the last one; the one which involves the ‘telly’. This is possible as in the current world, almost every family possesses a television. The radio has almost faded away into the past and the internet is the near future. Thus shows proclaiming new talent (or reality shows) work as positive, that to on a wider base.

Open to all of the populace, these shows invite people to display their talents on a wider stage. This works especially well for people hailing from poorer parts as it puts the light on them.

Also working to induce new ideas in the minds of the public (in the form of cookery shows, and dance programs); these shows help people in obtaining new and creative hobbies or activities which allow time to pass at a fast pace along with an exciting outcome.

These shows help to lighten the mood and to make laugh as well (comedy shows and shows involving gags). These work to be perfect entertainers and they provide a break from the dramatic soap operas which currently permeate the television network.

Lastly, there are the quiz shows which enlighten the audience about current affairs, global history and general knowledge. These shows also provide a chance for people with alarming knowledge and intelligence levels to surface on a global scale.

But the question which arises in my mind from all of the shows which invite people is that: “What guarantee is there that the talents aren’t modified and edited? “ well, this will always be an issue which litters people’s minds as they see the arms of corruption unfold in front of them. The only thing which can be said to this is the fact that these shows bring out talent. They bring out talent and also open up more avenues.

The only other point is raised on the shows which show immense bravery and courage in the form of dare-devilry and involve danger to the person/persons involved. These stunts, if performed at home, can prove fatal. This can be viewed many-a-times on the news. In answer to this, shows have begun the display of statutory warnings which warn people of the hazardous consequences of the events. And this has worked.

Summarizing all of the above points, I reach a conclusion which makes me support the side of the reality shows. These shows have a lot of benefits socially and they also involve a display of what is to proceed in the future in form of innovative talents.

So, in my opinion, the statement which says that television which do more harm than good is completely false and is based on shaky grounds.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quiescent Danger

“Everything is ready, Sir. The sound comms and all of the other equipment as well.”

Chief Technician of the Russian Space Exploration Program, Yuri Malga smiled at these words; but his heart moved on different lines- it galloped at the pace of a Ferrari on the Autobahn.

“Let’s do it,” he muttered. Continuing in a louder voice, he addressed the small congregation which waited expectantly.

“It has been more than a decade since the catastrophe knocked at our door. We have spent these years uncovering no substantial data on the reasons of the door. We have now obtained the recordings of what went on inside. And, we have managed to make them just audible.”

This was met with a shower of claps. But, it fell silent at the next sentence.

“It is grave. And comrades, before we begin, I would like to propose a minute of silence for those brave volunteers. The people who died for a cause,” he ended on a high note.

Silence proceeded. And as the clock ticked slowly ahead, the watch in Yuri’s mind sped fastidiously back in time. And he remembered that day…

“Ten…Nine…Eight…Seven…Six…Five…Four…Three…Two…One…Liftoff.” These words died down as the white mammoth craft pushed at the ground and rose up into the air. Orange flames leapt out of the bottom of the rocket and subsided as they hit the brown dirt below. Shouts and hoots and whistles resounded in the communications centre as the craft snaked its way through the atmosphere.

“The Earth looks so small from up here comrades. But, it is Mother Russia which decorates most of her surface,” the voice said.

 The voice belonged to Boris Malga, who was currently speeding away from the giant ball we call Earth. The older and more matured version of the younger Malga, Boris was 32 years old. Athletic, and academically the best of the University, Boris had voluntarily agreed for the mission. Who wouldn’t? who wouldn’t miss a chance to be the first being to set foot on the Moon, would you?

“We have cleared the stratosphere, and our destination is in sight. All systems working smoothly, now toggling gravity. Radar silent, no bogies in sight. Over,” he announced.

“We hear you Big Bear. Proceed on flight path and move towards target. Comrades, God be with you. Over,” the reply left the Station. Speaking on the microphone was a young fellow of not more than 25. Dressed in casuals and with a smile on his face, Yuri Malga spoke calmly into the mouthpiece.

“Comrades I am regretting my decision of not bringing my vodka up here! This flight…,” the voice collapsed into static. And the tension in all hearts multiplied violently.

No voice communication came back. All they saw was a blip moving towards the moon.  But their stomachs had a knot, more large and strong than ever. All of a sudden, the blip turned and dropped. Silence reigned. The shock on all of the Communication’s Heads and all of Politburo members was visible. Falling freely under gravity, the blip dropped into the ocean and vanished.

“Big Bear is down. I repeat, Big Bear is down. Mission Lunar King has failed.” This announcement was met with the quiet. No one spoke; no one moved. It was catastrophe.

The sound of the whirring and static brought back Yuri to the present. His glassy eyes brimmed with tears as the past flew in front of his eyes.

“The flight is…Oh my God! What is that? Base, we have a bogie at our twelve. Racing straight at our nose at around double our speed. Description to follow: Black, huge arms raised in front…and Holy mother of God…It’s not just one. It’s an army. I repeat, an army. Base, we are returning with bogies on our tail. Requesting Air Support. Base can you hear me? Base? Acknowledge. Requesting Air…”

The voice in the audio distorted into a solid boom. The data system logged the time to be precise with the sudden fall of the craft.

“Long live Mother Russia. I guess these must be aliens.”

A splash sounded and the static from the audio flooded the air of the small auditorium. The theory of aliens and of other life in space being present had been considered. But the crash had been blamed on Technical Malpractice.

But what now? The audio in the voice of brave cosmonaut Boris Malga, and his words had confirmed what they had feared all those years ago.

The Best Boon of Life...

Sometimes the darkness sets in with the sadness and gloom. And then people look around for support; a light in the darkness; a helping hand. Family is the priority in such situations but there are the other relationships which provide the stepping stones and the safe havens to pass through the dangerous storms-friends and their priceless friendship.

The umbrellas during the storms;
Criticizing mistakes and helping me to reform;
They shout and fight;
But they also do care and push me forward with all their might.

They support me in those shaky ventures;
And recharge my tired brain with crazy ideas;
These are the people with whom I discuss and argue, unnecessarily at times,
But they do not mind.

The jewels of my life;
They stud it with the color of happiness, enjoyment and fun.
With the color of creativity, vigor, and verve;
And with the color of passion, strength and power.

A small note of thanks to all of those friends who have supported me and been with me in those times of distress and the helped me out many-a-times from the void.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Someone Extremely Special...:D

Her loving touch, her caring eyes,
There can never be any one so nice,
She loves, she shouts,
But at the end of the day, she never sleeps after having an angry bout.

Always a smile on her face, be it morning noon or night,
She keeps on working even if her health isn’t all right,
A guiding figure in the darkness, a distant light,
She tackles my problems with all her might.

She never asks for anything other than my smile,
And when that happens, her face glows with beauty visible from a mile,
Handling a family single-handedly, not a very easy task,
She will do anything for which I ask.

Nothing she does is ever easy,
And she is not less than a superwoman,
Respect is all she deserves along with a package of love,
And all I can call her is mother.

Just a small display of affection and respect dedicated to my mother who has supported me all my life. Love you mom…:D :D

Revulsion and Remorse

Disgrace has spread through the nation. In a country where women have been placed at the tiers of being goddesses, it has been seen continually that these women have become the victims of the vermin of sexual assault and rape. The last ‘Nirbhaya’ case had been taken to the streets and people protested all over the country in order to provide some justice to the victim. But it was all in vain.

The government has vowed to take action against these revolting sinners but there has been no action in the time which has passed since the highly publicized ‘Nirbhaya’ case. And as time has passed, the next victim knocks at our door.

This time, the plight is more striking and moving. A five year old girl has been mutilated and her honor has been violated. And what do we do in that? We just watch from the sidelines; waiting for someone to take a step forward. This inaction is the courage that feeds these sinners.

Last time, it was a metal rod; and now it is a candle and some bottles. How can someone be so cruel with a fellow human being? Does the heart not weep at the cries of the poor victim? Does the heart not feel the pain permeating the body of the victim? I guess not; if it would, then there wouldn’t be such appalling incidents taking place in the country and also around the world.

The more moving fact which has shaken my world is that the police have taken no action. All they have done is to send away the parents with a bribe of Rs. 2000. Their inaction has been treacherous and has made me ask many questions including the one which involves the security and safety of citizens in my country.

Their absence at the moment of the crime has been replaced with mighty power and pride as they beat away protestors who ask for action; people who want justice; people who want to live in the country in complete peace and in the absence of these dark deeds.

But what can we do? That is the question which revolves in every person’s mind. “What will I do alone,” asks the mind. But does the conscience not answer these questions? Is there no hunger for justice?

As I read through the news in order to phrase this post, my blood boils. Anger seeps through my body and the shock hits my heart. I feel abhorrence towards the barbarous offender but my heart melts when I realize the fragile condition of the little girl. And my heart asks me the question,” What have you done to provide justice.”

My head bows low and my conscience remains silent in the repugnance, and the grief at inaction.