Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Poem of the Year

The year is ending,
With quite some change,
A lot has taken place this year,
Yes, it’s quite a wide range.

Leaderships changed,
Some for our good,
Promises have also rained,
Of free water, some electricity and food.

Legends retired from their fields,
And left behind tears,
Given Guards of Honor,
And salutes, not leers.

Sreesanth got his napkin famous,
And Kohli topped with his bat,
Dhoni got a Mohawk,
And the public rushed to set their like that.

Some records got broken,
In the Box-Office,
 I’m shocked with the leaders,
‘Cause all they were is worthless flicks.

Regular soaps continued,
But Saath 7 and 24 we saw as well,
Bringing Babaji ka Thullu,
Kapil made us laugh like hell.

Aashiqui 2 brought Arijit in,
But Yo Yo took him on,
Blockbusters had very good music,
They made me ask where God is gone!

Phailin rocked us,
And Haiyan shook some others,
There were also some attacks
Man caused, which gave us bother.

 Sensex rose,
As the Rupee fell,
Inflation stood almost firm,
As though stuck in a thick gel.

 We lost many gems,
Not some but quite a handful,
Their loss made us sad,
And feel rueful.

 On the personal front,
The year was wonderful,
I got my blog,
And many new friends who are quite cool.

This is quite a flashback reel,
Something I always use,
I hope I covered it all,
Now I don’t have more time to muse.

A new morning tomorrow,
We bid 2013 away with a tear,
Rather than crying on that,
I wanna wish you all an early Happy New Year.

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PS: I apologize for the horrible alignment of the pictures.

PPS: The title is just to mislead you…:P

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Change for the New Year

Here I sit,
With a wish to change the future,
With a long list of things,
All of which I don’t want to see in the New Year.

Beginning with the dirty world,
I want to change the face,
Remove the litter and the garbage,
And color it with blooms and blossoms.

There will glow the world,
And glimmer in the color of birth,
I will know the good in my thoughts,
And I will move to the next member of my list.

The dirt shifts from the surface,
And now I see the layers underneath,
The hearts of the leaders, which
Are dirtier than the surface, completely rotten.

I want to change their hearts,
And make them see the plight of their citizens,
Make them understand their wrongs,
And remove the greed and corruption.

Cleaner will become their hearts,
And noticed will be the griefs,
And sorrows of the mango people,
Quite many, surely not few.

I have gone a bit slow,
To tell the two first griefs,
But the next many need immediate action,
So I must rhyme my song piece.

I want them all working,
And earning their own living,
Independence is all I want for them,
And that is quite a rare gem.

No one should remain poor,
Wish they were all rich,
Everyone self satisfied,
And no one living in the dirty ditch.

I want them all well read,
And I want this real soon,
Not for more readers of my blog,
But being literate is everywhere a boon.

Hungry shall none remain,
I wish for everyone to be fed,
Food must reach them all,
And from hunger shall no one be pronounced dead.

Crime is overtaking us,
As it strikes in every single blow,
Wish it would end as well,
And the red would not flow.

Divide exists within us,
And inequality as well,
I wish for equality to prevail,
Or else it will make life horrible, a living hell.

There is loads to add in this,
Which I cannot do,
I must stop and think,
As there is not a person I can take this to.

It cannot wait any more,
So I must begin alone,
I will begin by washing myself, the dirtiest soul,
To set rolling developments stone.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Eternal Wait

The darkness is filing,
The silence is piling,
But all I can do now,
Is wait.

It all began with a bad feeling,
Or call it a tragic dream,
Which came back as reality,
And all I can do now,
Is wait.

There you were with me,
Talking and chatting peacefully,
Until it all happened,
But all I can do now,
Is wait.

You’d held my hand,
And you’d said those words,
I wanted to tell them back,
But all I can do now,
Is wait.

Then it all happened together,
A catastrophe, a disaster,
And my world was seized from me,
And all I can do now,
Is wait.

The boom consumed you,
And the smoke pushed me down,
Wish it was me instead of you,
But all I can do now,
Is wait.

The sirens wailed,
As I wept for you,
They pulled you away from me,
But all I can do now,
Is wait.

The light on the door came on,
And so did the masks on the faces,
They took you in,
And all I can do now,
Is wait.

They run out of the room,
And shout stuff to one another,
I want to help in getting you back,
But all I can do now,
Is wait.

Soon they will call me in,
And I will get to see you,
I hope that happens soon,
But all I can do now,
Is wait.

The white coated man is calling me,
Telling me that nothing is sure,
They don’t know if you will remain with me,
But all I can do now,
Is wait.

I wish to hear your voice again,
And to do the things I should have done,
I want to correct the mistakes I made,
But all I can do now,
Is wait.

I had thoughts for my life,
Though they were different from yours,
And now I promise to make your dreams mine,
But all I can do now,
Is wait.

You wanted some things from me,
But I did not give them to you,
I wish I had done it before and made you happy,
But all I can do now,
Is wait.

Your absence is creating a void in my heart,
But I have left it all on Him,
I have accepted the true fact that,
All I can do now,
Is wait.