Friday, December 9, 2016


Uss khamoshi mein mili thi ek raah,
Thi voh meri, aur tumhari, par nahi thi hamari,
Chal pade the saath, par bikharna jaruri hai,
Firse judne ke liye tutna jaruri hai,
Kuch milne ke liye uska khona jaruri hai,
Raatein beet gayi, aur khatam ho gayi saari baatein,
Waqt badal gaya, aur badal gaye hum, par nahi badli voh yaadein,
Mile apne raste kai baar, par jude nai hai fir kabhi,
Manzil ka nahi hai pata, magar chalte rehna hai jaruri,
Bichad gaye hum par nahi gaye duur,
Aaj hai ek nayi shuruat, ek naya safar,
Vohi choda hua haath liye, chal pade hai firse,
Mili hai firse hamari raahein, na jaane kab tak,
Hai ek nayi soch, ek naya jazba, ek nayi taakat,
Ek nayi shuruat ke liye, kuch khatam hona bhi jaruri hai.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The hope in me died a long time ago, but suffer I did not,
Something clicked, awakened in me; something better,
The belief snoozed and then swooned, never to rise again,
All I have now are the carcasses of what we left behind, memories,
Moments decorated with truth, realization and acceptance,
And as many of want, of desire and of all the wishes we abandoned,
There was a hole too, covered now, but not completely filled,
Banana skins lay all around the beckoning facade of happiness,
It takes just a moment for making, breaking, or even returning,
The figures take faces, choosing not to remain shadows,
The sounds take form and lost wishes become dreams again,
The image lies afar, distorted yet not broken completely,
I saw it once, the right way around; to wish to never see it again,
The picture's turning, building the same illusion,
It starts coming back, you start coming back, pieces of a jigsaw,
The aim is not to solve, to not visualize the end of the road,
There is no gold at the end of a rainbow,
A try is once, so is an incidence, but twice- a foolish mistake,
It’s all about choice and chance, and the will to change it all,
It’s all defined by decisions; there are no victims, only volunteers.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


It feels like it was long ago, but no its not,
The smoke has cleared, and so has the way,
The same face remains, yet I see it very differently,
There are those moments which still bring back smiles,
And there are others, lost in the mist of happiness,
Many say you were wrong, but yet I stand- unmoved,
Things have changed a lot, but some have remained the same,
But there remain some mysteries to unearth,
Some questions to answer; some knots left to undo,
Is it a sign of the replenished good or the recurring bad,
Just a co-incidence as I’ve called it always,
Or a sign of disorder heading my way; with the strange silence,
Everything’s gone ahead, with time, and so have we,
There’s more than a hint of recognition as our eyes meet,
The handshake is different; the look on the face is different,
The emotion isn’t seen, just like old times; and I don’t care,
I smile to myself; I smile for myself, distinct and strong,
Its turmoil for one, and an answer for another,
Just witchcraft- always about creating life out of chaos.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stranger Things

You are here at this moment, and not at the next,
I can feel you around, but it’s just not the same,
I can hear your voice, through my heart, just static,
You're calling to me from the depths, the echoes barely audible,
It’s just like my mind- scared, tired and worried,
I should never have let you leave, to explore the hole in the ground,
The shadows were so mesmerizing, the silhouettes calling out,
As the monster remained hidden in plain sight,
I want to look for you, I want to find you, I want to get you back,
You've gone to a place so secure, a secret haven, not yours,
You hide in the same places, and I find you there, just a shadow,
A wisp of smoke, signaling through the lights, to me,
Your fear cuts right through the gap between us, to our bond,
And my scream drowns out yours, but not for the monster,
Bile trickling down its face, its racing towards you,
Its legs thumping on the ground at the same speed as my heart,
The stench is enough to kill a man, but your sobs do it for me,
I fall to the ground as the monster bellows loudly,
Sweat on my brow, my eyes flicker open to take in my room,
It was a dream, I say to myself; as the door creaks shut,
The wind is blowing through the open window,
It all comes back with a bang as I see the dollop of bile,
Right in the middle of your bed, and I swallow,
I don’t know what stranger things are headed my way.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Wall of Faces

We had our own beginnings, so special and different,
Getting to know each other slowly,
Unraveling every piece of each other’s mysteries together,
We laughed till we cried, holding our stomachs,
The silly things we did, just a look to know it all,
Until came the day to walk away into the shadows,
To start anew the rise to the top, with others,
New hands to high five; new faces to smile at,
New memories to reminisce, new moments to enjoy,
The past does not just walk away; a clean slate isn’t inevitable,
Everyone may vanish into the crowd, except a friend so true,
A familiar face brushing past in an unknown place,
A hand grabbing at you, patting your back in exhilaration,
A chance encounter, an unplanned meeting,
A coffee with words, and hours to spend, memories to remember,
With time these build in the eyes, moist souvenirs of the past,
A day isn’t enough to cherish it all, nor is a long message,
Words put together make no sense, nor does a band strike memoriam,
It never gets too dark on that alley,
It’s a block to circle, a bridge to the time you spent once,
Lined with those faces you'll never forget.