Saturday, August 29, 2015

Now Or Never

There is so much to say to you,
It’s more than words and stories together,
I wish to speak to you, from not mind but heart and soul,
My voice tatters, my will falters, all at just your sight,
I'm blinded by your thoughts, led on by your voice,
Your face so patiently carved, tears my heart to pieces,
And yet the words nay come to thee,
I stand by your side, a shadow invisible in the light of the day,
Sunned by your smiles, your happiness colors me bright,
I wait with my heart in my mouth, for you to part away,
A nightmare come true, a moment I wish to never see,
Yet, I wait, for the right time to lift me up,
I say no more than I am needed to, exactly how you want it,
I do as you please, not a single toe out of line,
Words cannot bear the burden of what I feel, and nor can I,
I hide the truth, and I lie to myself, transcendental,
There will come a road too soon, to pass together or part,
The crossroad's marked by my words I know,
Fearfully, I know it’s now or never.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Star So Bright

I sit through the night waiting for a sign,
The moon peeping through the clouds,
My only companion in the silence, as I wait for you,
Patiently trying to quiet the storm raging in heart and mind,
It’s a fight against myself to cross the line,
A choice to change, a decision to overthrow,
A wish to make it all work, with time,
A smile I wish to see forever, not mine in the mirror,
A hand to hold in the day and the dark night,
To have you there next to me, and to be there as much,
I want it all, yet I don’t want the illusion to crack,
It’s a mirage, a dream, a creation of all I ever wished for combined,
That’s you for me, a galaxy so far away,
Yet lighting me up like I never have been, ever before,
We get so close, turning away at the last instance,
Your eyes say it clear, and so do mine,
Your name on my lips, said with truthful desire,
Wishful, for my happiness, but only after yours,
I have no thoughts on what to do; it’s all just a blinded maze,
The shadows are closing in fast, and it’s all getting hazy,
There is a light in the darkness; I know it’s you,
You are for me a star so bright.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Never Mind

I have so much to say, I have so much to ask,
Thoughts so many, all very different and vivid,
Dreams too, yet an aim singular,
I brace for impact, I cringe on every turn,
Wishes so many, all thorns in the garden of life,
Colors bathe me in all that I feel, so abstract,
So divine, I stand pure for myself and for you too,
Trudging slowly ahead right now, I wish to make the jump,
Soon, the time is slowly coming,
Yet I am not so sure of the fires raging in you,
No inkling of the storms in your mind, and your heart,
Love is all but a trench so deep, shoving you right to the bottom,
Never to get back up again, I know,
The void awaits, I can hear the echoes from the depths,
It’s all very sweet for now and I’m treading still water,
The currents beginning to build, a storm is starting to brew,
First in my mind, I am so confused,
The turmoil hiding behind the smiles so peaceful,
There is no end, to you and me- yes; not to us,
Picture perfect, we talk all in the mind, coy,
I have so much to say, so much to ask,
I see your lovely face, and the pretty smile,
I don’t want to spoil it all, so never mind.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tongue Tied

There is so much I have to tell you,
There is so much I have to share,
There is as much to hear from you,
You lay beside me under the night sky,
Your eyes twinkling just like the stars above, and also mine,
Our hands are together but they never meet,
Your soft whispers in my ear, the words a song each,
They tell me stories, all so new, all so fresh,
The moon takes cover behind the clouds, and so do you,
A chill takes over, so dull, it’s all so somber and shy,
The blitz of silence blowing us away,
The tears waiting for us to close in,
It’s all maybe a sign for the hearts to combine,
A wish to change the course, not mine, not yours, but ours,
I see the tales in your eyes; the shadows tell me all,
Your face is a mosaic so abstract- it hides the truth in lies,
There are my moments too, when I wish to succumb to you,
But now is not the time, it’s yours,
I wait for words to bridge the gap, my fingers mingling with yours,
A touch so meager is all that it takes, and a smile,
I know it’s not time for me to speak, yet,
It all doesn’t matter, 'cause you make me feel tongue-tied.

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Shoulder To Sleep On

I hear your sweet voice across the lush meadow,
I can feel the smile on your face without even a glance,
I can see the twinkle of excitement in your eyes,
I can sense the happiness the moment creates in you,
There’s a strange warmth in me, a different feeling altogether,
I’m all but satisfied with all there is around me,
I laugh, I sing, I dance around you, sharing all that you feel,
Yet my heart wanders the desolate moor, cracking in the heat,
Breaking down in the empty corner,
Tears of happiness roll down my cheeks, shadowing the sorrow,
I had hoped you would stay forever, special in heart and soul,
You pirouetted away with the shadow, oh so new,
And I smiled in your wake; I stood by in your absence,
I waited for you to come back, not that I prayed for your sadness,
You cushioned yourself against my chest when the day came,
And I knew, it’s always about having a shoulder to sleep on.