Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Waterfall

I’m going through the yellowed pages,
The ink sodden and blurred, yet the words alive,
The images come back from the crevices they were shut into,
The photo frames shine in the spotlight,
Back on the stand where they stood in their time,
Memories unearthed from the moments misplaced,
I had those thoughts once upon a time, of reverie and fun,
Till the dusk shone down with its cruel hand of darkness,
Nightmares galore and silences aplenty,
I stood under the clouds showering me in their tears,
As I shed my sorrow, driven by the moist midst,
It was a rage of emotion, sculpted in subtle means,
Torrents and tumults altogether in the tempest,
It was a way, it was a path; it was a road in the dark,
Left alight by the brief flashes, just enough to glance,
The wind swirled and the river curled,
The spray spellbindingly cold on my hot skin,
I was flowing through my self, just in another form,
Running from one place to another, trying to get a grip,
Colliding with one side, and then the other,
Till it all knocked me out cold,
It was just an odd buzz in my ear, loud yet so far away,
I shook away the darkness only to see the bottom,
I knew the moment had come, it was inevitable,
I knew about the steep fall coming my way, but not so soon,
I was at the top of the waterfall, and the only way was down.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Chosen One

I’ve walked a long way, and I’m far away from home,
I ran from a story so true, all I ran from was you,
Bundling up the smiles and scraping the memories together,
Remembering your face and wiping away tears,
I wished for the worst, when I was running from it,
I tore through the wilderness of dreams, and the mosaic of thought,
Through the tangle of reason, and into the knots of darkness,
You taught me to smile, you taught me to laugh,
You taught me to live, to live from all my heart,
You taught me to love, and to be loved too,
Till you vanished, till I was left alone to fend,
It hurts when I think about you, it hurts when I dream about you,
It pains when I recall the soft touch of your fingers on my skin,
The promises we made, the moments we shared,
It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough, to bleed,
It’s all come together, scars shining with the wounds new,
Another storm to add to the feud, to the chaos,
Under the dark sky, and the thundering clouds,
And in the sunny days gone past, and the ones to come,
I would still choose you, it will forever be you.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Let You Go

The ripples of silence echo around my smile,
The light of the darkness enhances your shadow,
I feel nothing, not in me, let alone the storm around me,
Brewing from the eye, so delicate, so exquisite,
It’s all about the story, our story, all without words,
Playing in the eyes, and with time, but not with hearts,
Coy smiles and furtive glances, all with a reason,
Waiting for a sign, for a moment to live for, just for you,
The clock plays its games, distance measured in days,
A face becoming a photograph, yet not smothering into nothingness,
A memory living on, a flame ignited with just a thought,
I wish it was just you and me, walking through the nights and days,
Coloring the sky, and blowing at the clouds,
Your voice- a beacon in the storm,
Your face- a hole in the clouds, a shelter from the rain,
A new season altogether, crafted with smiles, and you,
I wished for you, I waited for you; I stood right there, just for you,
Till you walked past, till you walked away,
Into flames, into ashes, into memories,
Just a face to remember, to smile for, to smile at,
I loved you so I let you go.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


It’s been a long time since I thought I was happy,
A smile on my face, a gleam in my eyes,
A thought in my mind, a dream in my head,
A path racing ahead into the horizon,
Lined with all there is to have, all on a sunny day,
A sudden clash of thunder and a storm in broad daylight,
Down falls my castle, the epitome of perfection,
Bricks raging down on the ground so smooth,
A mirage powdered into nonexistence,
A smile stolen, jailed in the prison of sorrow,
Eyes so dull and gloomy, a cake of despair blowing up in my face,
I wished for the time to stay, longer,
I wanted to stay happy, just a little longer,
I wanted to smile; I wanted to dream, just for another moment,
Still, I see you the same, my heart still bleeds, for you,
The scars tingle and shine, wounds of the past waking up to your call,
Memories flooding back in, it’s just like déjà vu with another face,
I’m lost in the maze, on the threshold of being through,
It’s a step backwards to life, and forward into the wilderness,
A second to make up my mind, a shout, a sign,
And a sigh, the wall shaken, not broken, again,
It’s a decision made, a choice undeterred, for now,
It’s a road I never want to travel again on.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


There are those thoughts which we throw away,
There are those dreams, from which we walk away,
There are those memories which we stow away safely,
There are those moments from which we shy away,
There are those feelings which we keep away,
We have those havens and niches in the walls,
Places we go to in times of need- to hide, to mask,
We store away all that is there, only to come out all at once,
Those stories made, those stories told, and those stories believed,
It’s all a figment of imagination, this life- you and me,
We say nothing, yet we talk so much,
But there is a lot more to be told,
Smiles so large, and eyes glimmering with passion,
It’s a tale so smooth, so silly, yet so complex with its shadows,
We skip across the stones, and we wade through the shallows,
But the ripples spread far around,
The trench lies deep, its mysteries contained in the darkness,
Emerging at times, startling and scary,
The monsters below waiting to prey, hungry for something more to store,
I keep going into the depths, inquisitive and curious,
The bubbles keep showing at the top,
I can feel the water pushing in through my ears,
I’m in too much, and I can’t pull away,
There are ways only two, it’s a shove together, or a lunge alone,
I can surface again, but I will have to leave a part of me behind.