Saturday, November 21, 2015

Never Gonna Be Alone

It all began with the words I said to you,
And with what I didn’t as well,
It all came down in a moment of surprise,
I knew where it all was headed,
Shaking my head, yet smiling all the time,
I’m walking the road all over again,
I know exactly how it feels like, I hope you don’t,
Nothing’s changed, there’s not a speck of dust new,
The dunes haven’t shifted, the clouds unmoved,
Just a picture back from memory,
It all snaps away as I see you smiling,
The arid desert now a flowing blanket of green,
It’s a conflict, more like a war with a predefined slayer,
A tumult of emotions flowing haywire,
Disguising it is all I can do, to save it from your sight,
Wounds unhealed, scars reopened,
And an old smile unleashed from the dungeons,
It all comes with a price, I guess mine is you,
It’s a wish to smile again; it’s a wish to return,
A wish to stand tall alongside you,
Just for a promise I made,
You're never gonna be alone.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Distorted Masterpiece

Some moments pass in a blur, and some linger,
Playing with the past, gently toying with time,
And some stay on, clutching at thoughts for dear life,
A wish is strange, until it comes true, yet so meaningful,
It’s all a figment in the mind, until the mirage breaks,
The ripples cracking the canvas which the eye wanted to see,
Shards flying all around, the tiniest hurt the most,
Pushing through the unhealed wounds,
Raking at the scars, hidden yet not sealed off completely,
The urge was too much to handle, sheer dominance,
Till you punctured through the palaces I had built,
That’s two to remember, and to stand through,
Yet I’m standing, holding firm, I guess I am,
I’m fighting, and it’s against myself, just for you,
It’s come back, the time, the memories, just one part of me gone,
And all that’s changed is the picture I’d drawn.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Far Away

I’ve been searching high; I’ve been searching low,
Shoving light into the crevices around,
Pushing through the haze surrounding me,
Rubbing my eyes incessantly to work under fire,
Battling the hot onslaught trickling down my cheeks,
Just for a single glance, just to know you're fine,
Just a smile, your smile, only to know you're happy,
I wish the thundering in my head would be softer,
I wish the knot in my stomach would loosen up,
I wish I had you, just with me, to keep as mine,
It’s so faint, the line between longing and belonging,
Your voice is the map; your words are the coordinates,
All leading me to a place I’m familiar with,
A look into my eyes would say it all, stories altogether,
A look into my heart would tell it all, values,
A look into my soul would tell it all, a mirror for you,
But I’m heading back to where I came from,
Well, that’s just far away from you.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Walk Away

Time has moved on quite a lot,
We've come so far from where we started,
And we sure have got a long way to go,
Mountains in between, piled so high,
And valleys- dark, deep, dangerous,
There were flashes in between, the rest being void,
A dirty splash of darkness spread all around,
Yet the sun shone through, in the form of you,
I wish it were all so different today,
You would be my sun, my star, my light,
Or do I,
I smile at your thought; I’m weak on seeing your face,
I cry when I see the moon, waiting just like me,
Miracles go wrong, and mistakes fall into place,
That’s just you and me, I guess,
Here I am smiling, walking into the new light,
Shadows stretching till the darkness,
I turn for a last glance, eyes gazing at the end of the tunnel,
A speck of light dancing, a weird buzz coming through,
Till I see your face, and my lips take your name,
Only till I walk away.