Monday, April 27, 2015

An Unsolved Mystery

Materializing from the dust you stand out so clear,
Let alone a shadow, you are a color too many,
A rage in the silent night, you storm past leaving me in a daze,
A cacophony of thoughts mixing together at a sight,
Vivid smiles color the crevices of the drab clocks stored,
Memories rewritten, images rebuilt, thoughts sculptured anew,
And people washed away in the fountain of your smile,
You wait, you laugh, you tan in the sunshine of the peace,
Your patience oozing out delicately, yet everlasting,
And yet, there I bask in the heat of the red,
Hands clasped, we walk the path we have built for ourselves,
You are the mystery and I am not but a clue.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Wish Too Many

We ask for a lot, we do,
Some ask for money, some ask for love,
Some ask for a future bright,
And there are some who don’t,
And the ones who won’t at all,
It’s all about choices we make,
It’s all about the decisions that we take,
There is the right which we always write about,
And the wrong which never is heard in song,
The ballads going unsung and unheard,
The days slipping into the envelope of the night,
Only to rise again as strong as ever,
The poetry of life is printed in the ink of fate,
And having it recited to the world is in our hands,
The path doesn’t matter 'cause there is just one road,
In the end it’s all about having a wish too many.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Conjuring

The days gone by cry out loud,
The memories silently striding in company,
Patches vivid and others insipid,
Decorated with the tint of your presence,
A shade too many to recognize,
Colors too many to save in memoriam,
Still fresh though the day is in mind,
It was like a bolt of lightning- were you,
Shards passed through the eyes- a flash too strong,
Music playing in the background- so cool, so light,
A sudden jump in the tempo of life,
Nothing for an eternity and then all at once,
It was like magic for a believer,
And the question still spying out the hole of time,
Was it just wizardry or was it a conjuring.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Silences in the noise cut right through the ear,
Blasting bursts of light blinding in the dark,
That’s just you and me together,
A reaction so violent, a disaster unnatural,
An illusion we are- an image distorted in the mirror,
A shadow huge but blurred in the gleam- our gleam,
We took the same road once; we took the same road twice,
Not lucky the third time, we trudged along untouched,
A turn for the fourth we raced each other to the finish,
Smiles decorate the clocks we turned,
Tears not shed for the desolate moments,
The gloom isn’t our burden to bear, nor is the cloudy doom,
And here we are at the crossroad again,
I don’t know which way you'll go,
And nor do you.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

We Are One

We walk not alone nor venture out solo,
Moving together is all we do,
Planned and orchestrated yet so impulsive,
So explosive is the partnership,
Leaving in our wake the scarce remnants of our enemies,
The men who eye, and the men who vie us,
In our past they lay annihilated,
Fingers can break but we all have fists entwined,
Trained to be as one forever,
Our bonds so holy- broken by not even god,
We lie together, we die together,
We ride together, we hide together,
We play together, we slay together,
Brothers in arms and partners in mischief,
It’s not about me and it’s not about you,
It’s always about us, the team, and we are one.