Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Ingredients to Success in Life

Good morning to one and all present here. The topic I’m going to be speaking about is one which philosophers and idealists speak and debate about: ‘The Ingredients for Success in Life’.

Life has always been considered to be the biggest mystery to the human race. But even then, people keep toiling hard to achieve their biggest desires. This point in life is sometimes termed to be the point when a person is said to be ‘Successful’. People keep searching for the shortest way to reach this pinnacle in life, but as said by all of our elders and everyone who has some experience in life says,” The shortest way to success in life is to never take a visible shortcut. The right way is to go around these shorter paths and to follow the longest path.”

I’m sure that all of respected teachers and dear friends would have been to the kitchen and at least prepared a cup of tea in their entire life. I would like to ask each and everyone present here to list down the recipe to make that cup of tea, down to the smallest detail. I am sure this would turn out to be a very complicated task as there has to be the usage of the right proportions of all the ingredients.

Similar to the preparation of tea, the preparation of success involves a lot of ingredients. These ingredients are independent of the fact that the definition of success changes. In general, it can be said that success usually involves a person reaching to a high post or having a good job, a well settled family, and a life equipped with all of the luxuries.

To achieve this endeavor, there are a lot of constituents involved. The first of the long list we will be addressing is one which we are all extremely familiar with- education. 

Education has become one of the most necessary factors to leading a successful life. As time passes and life moves forward, people come to realize the fact that the current world is plugged with an extraordinary amount of competition.

It has come to light that the human race is competing within itself to achieve their goals. So, as of now, the results and outcomes are all based on the basis of hard work. This has taken place due to the fact that all of the other factors have been equaled to create the best opportunity for competition. This deed has managed to do what humankind has not been able to achieve within themselves for so many years-equality.

The gap between the poor and the rich has been bridged at least in the field of education. Now students from not so good backgrounds tend to excel at a higher rate in studies and there are examples of such students getting worldwide recognition; and all because of their hard work and perspiration.

This is also one of the key elements in the race to achieve success. The urge to learn more and the desire to excel have to be visible in a person. This helps a person to remain focused towards their sole aim and works to make them strive harder to achieve their endeavor.

A positive outlook for life is the next component we will be talking about. It has been proven that a positive outlook can work miracles in life. One of the real life examples we can talk about is Stephen Hawkins, who has cerebral palsy, but is a very well-known research scientist. He has not the ability to speak, but his research is world-renowned. And it has been possible only due to him having a positive outlook in life.

Having a positive outlook helps a person to obtain what makes a person happy. And, the happiness from the activities done works to give a push and also helps in exerting the self to work harder…to strive more… and to gain more from life.

But the main thing in my opinion is to aim for excellence. The aim should not be just to gain a certain degree or job; it should involve the development of skills on the basis of life as a whole. The aim should not be to run behind what every lay man does; it should be to do what produces the most amount of happiness. For the self.

When all of these are mixed with each other in the perfect proportions, the dish received can be termed as being success. I am a great follower of these principles, and to add a personal note, these guidelines help to achieve what is known to all as success.


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