Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Iss khamoshi ki leheron mein pighal raha hu mein,
Beh raha hun aaj, nahi hai pata manzil ka,
Tanhayee main beete unn lamhon ko yaad karke muskurata hu mein,
Ek khushi thi uss behoshi main,
Par thi saath ek bechaini jo uss waqt main dariya bana rahi thi,
Lehraati zindagi ki parchayi main sehem raha hu mein,
Raah ka nahi hai pata iss toofan main,
Boondon mein jhalak raha hun,
Par nahi dikh raha hu khudko,
Khoya hai raasta aur khoya hun mein,
Raah hai kayi nazron main, par hai pare iss pal se,
Samay ka nahi hai pata, kyunki dhund raha hu khudko mein.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Once Again

I walked away from the feeling,
The emotion overpowering me, silencing me,
My courage dwindled in front of my eyes,
Just the sight of you tearing through the will I had,
Words said breaking all I have, and all I had,
Dreams built on the whims of our presence,
Just for you, all made by you, for me to settle into,
You are a drug so strong I can’t believe you exist,
Your thoughts are my penchant,
Worrying, harrying, caring, that’s all I can do,
My words don’t flow when the jewels drop in your sparkling voice,
I stand awestruck, for your being is sheer good luck,
The promises we made bind me to you,
The moments we shared keep you close,
The memories we have will never be tears in my eyes,
All I want forever is you,
It’s a road I have walked on, a path I have bled on,
It’s a way guarded by the shadows of my past,
Tiny and narrow, yet so large in sight,
I may have set foot again; I cringe in the spotlight,
The crevices too small for me, again,
As the first drop spills, I know it’s not yet time,
It’s not yet time to walk the road once again.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

We Are

We walk together hands clasped tight,
Tracing our way ahead in life,
Measuring moments and devouring dreams,
Willing for wishes and foraging a future,
The moon is our only ally in this dark quest,
Your beauty my asset, the will to keep threading on,
Your hands are my eyes, and your heart my map,
We walk through angry fires, the flames kissing our unity,
We jump through the puddles so drab,
Dirtying the canvas of our happiness,
We run through storms sudden and abstract,
Distractions from the memories we keep building,
Drenched, we savor the tears of the sky,
The sorrow not breaking the bond we share,
We cuddle through winters cold, staring and glaring,
But none freezes them in time, our time,
The freshness of spring stays forever,
Smiles bathe the garden we dreamed of,
We came through it all, it always was us,
We are two to see, but we are one to be.

Monday, July 20, 2015

I Wish It Was You

I hold my pillow close as the darkness settles in,
Shadows engorge those tiny fears I have hidden away,
The wind whistles to me, a sound so spooky,
The periodic steps of the clock echoing on the path of my imagination,
The darkest thoughts rising, pushing past the sleep,
Emanating from the deepest trench of memory,
I look up to the wall above, a reel of emotions passing by,
I smile, I shake my head, I sigh in relief,
I grumble a word or two, inaudible to my mouth as well,
I feel the silence growing, I feel the void widening,
I feel the pain, the loneliness, the sorrow, all in full glory,
I close my eyes to shut out the circus around,
I only feel myself, all alone, the pillow my companion,
As the night consumes me, I wish again it were you who I was holding.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ek Anokhi Muskaan

Ek lamha mayusi ka tha voh,
Jisne di hai aaj badi si muskaan,
Ubhar kar saaye se takraye the hum,
Chal pade iss zindagi ke daur mein haath dhare,
Shabd nahi hai uss pal ko dauhrane ke liye,
Par saji hai kahani unn unkahe labzon ke bich,
Chupi hai aaj ki muskurahat mein,
Beh rahi hai voh aaj bhi uss din ki yaadon mein,
Anjaan the hum par naadan nahi,
Khoye hue the hum par duur nahi,
Faasle mite aur ghum bhi,
Ban gaya tha ek saaya jo chalta hai aaj bhi saath,
Saval hai kai par javab hai nahi,
Uljhi hui hai dor yeh, hai chupi inn aankhon se,
Samajh se pare, iss soch se milon duur,
Par chaa jaati hai khushi,
Aa jaati hai labon pe muskaan tumhare khayal se hi,
Aur mann yeh keh deta hai,
Kuch chize hoti hi hai anokhi, shabdo se duur, aur samajh se bhi,
Par nahi hai iss baat se shikwa kyunki paas ho tum.