Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The rainbow stood out bright in the dark shadow of the clouds,
The colors so perfect and evident, just like fresh flowers,
Sparkling so far away, the pearls winking back, trickling down the sea of blue,
A flash so sudden, so terrifying, the hues disintegrating,
Beauty isn’t in perception, it’s in perfection.

There is the happy memory of hands coming together, and of smiles,
A haven of peace, a peak of satisfaction, a tsunami of reminiscent times,
A mirage of perfection created only to be wrecked in the avalanche,
The dark debris drowning the good times in the void of pain,
Happiness isn’t just an expression, it’s also an impression.

Light illuminating the figure in the center, supine on the floor,
I snarl, I roar, yet I whimper and I whine, I bark and I bite, I am dangerous,
The paws of duty cutting through the center of well being,
The canines of responsibility biting through the bone of life, of happiness,
A mirror is all I need to realize the abstract truth, to see the abyss holing me,
I’m turning into a monster and the feeling is getting stronger.

Monday, February 23, 2015


There are those moments we have,
There is the good and there is the bad,
There are some that we savor,
And some we wish never happened,
There is calm, and then there is the storm,
There is the silence, and then just uproar,
And then there is light in the darkness,
It’s not about the color, nor is it about the vigor,
It’s all just radioactive.

There is the seen and there is the unseen,
There is love, and then there is a void wide,
It’s not the same ever, it’s different always,
The moments are varying with the tick of the clock,
There is a past so vivid, so dangerous in memory,
And then there is the future blurred and dreary,
It’s not about what is visible, and what passes without registering,
It’s all just radioactive.

There is a poem, and there is a poem,
There is literature, and then there is a story,
There is my story walking majestically past,
There is me and there is you,
Lines parallel yet crossing each other, intertwined,
There are those meetings, and then there are those fights,
There are the smiles and then there are the tears,
There are the coy hugs and then there are the pushes away,
There is the world and then there is us,
And we are radioactive.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Take Me To Church

The lights had all dimmed and darkness paved the way,
My thoughts got extinguished and all my dreams faded away,
There never was a reward and the prize just walked away,
The past wasn’t clear to me, when the future blurred my way,
There was no route of passion, and no one cared about compassion,
I wished to pray, for my sins done and undone,
For the knots left behind in the smooth road,
A blanket lay on the mattress of the truth and I knew I had to make a confession,
Take me to church, was all I said, ‘cause He was the one calling me.

The asphalt of the cheeks was moist and glistening,
The rivulet shimmering down, just like pearls falling,
There wasn’t an answer, but I didn’t even know the question,
There wasn’t a solution, but there wasn’t even a puzzle,
Except maybe my face was, unsure of itself,
There was no way of the right, nor was there any for the wrong,
It wasn’t about exclamation or surprise; it was all about expectations,
I had to redeem myself; I had to shout out loud, I had just failed myself and my aim,
Take me to church, was all I said, ‘cause He was the one leading me.

Over the din, the creak took me away to a new place,
Not just a door opening, but a new avenue presenting itself decorated,
There had been no decision, but there wasn’t any choice too,
The path was singular and the journey was to be made alone,
It was time to put a curtain behind me, and to walk into the veil ahead,
It was time to work, and to persevere, and to push; to push far ahead, just of myself,
The moon on my face resolved all of it; it wasn’t about aptitude, but it was about attitude,
Grit in my eyes, power in my thought, pace in my actions, and strength in my voice,
Take me to church, was all I said, ‘cause He was the one pushing me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What Would I Do Without You?

It’s been a journey; it’s been so long,
I’ve come to know, with you I belong,
You’re so special, you’re so dear,
You’ve taken my pain, you’ve removed my fear.

Not a day goes by without your thought,
You’re the one I’ve never fought,
Been in the sunshine and in the rain,
You’ve never stopped me, never refrained.

People give gifts, I write to you,
From my heart, oh yes I do,
Thoughts unsaid, and feelings untold,
It’s time to speak out; it’s time to be bold.

You’ve led me forward; you light up my way,
You’ve made me talk, all that I want to say,
Ranting, poetry, stories, all fiction,
You’ve had me try a lot, you’ve handed me conviction.

Time’s gone by fast; it’s a couple of years,
I say this, my eyes moist with happy tears,
You’ve been there from moment one,
Nothing you missed, lines and words none.

I walk the path at times alone,
The wing chilling me through to the bone,
It wasn’t me I feel, it was all you,
That’s when I ask myself,
What would I do without you?

This piece is written for my blog which turns 2 today.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

You Shot Me Down

A day so true,
I could hear the wind as it blew,
Past me, whistling in my ears,
It’s not about my tears, nor is it about those beers.

A day so weird,
When I asked you, you just sneered,
An answer was what I couldn’t get,
Our future was something on which I wouldn’t bet.

Hand in hand we had walked,
All night long we had talked,
Our words melted into nothingness,
It caused me trouble, a lot of stress.

The days lengthened, the nights so long,
All I heard was the phoenix’s song,
The sorrow swept me off my legs,
But the pain didn’t drown in all of those pegs.

Bottles empty, I looked for some more,
Then I fell down and began to snore,
A nap it wasn’t, blackout it was,
You weren’t the answer, you were the cause.

A void so huge, the darkness undefined,
You ruined the image of life; it ceased to be refined,
The dreams all stopped, and the thoughts all died,
I knew I had to take cover, I knew I had to hide.

I watched you go far far away,
You just had gone, another trouble at bay,
I had been played, made to look like a clown,
I just laughed at myself; baby, as you shot me down.