Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pimple To Dimple

As my sister, Shade, says, “Going from a pimple to a dimple is easy.”

All that came into my mind at that moment was Adobe Photoshop, and all I could do was laugh, to be frank, snigger. But how did I come upon the topic of pimples? All of a sudden I begin caring about a tiny outgrowth in the middle of my face, and I begin looking for solutions? No, not really.

Beauty is measured only in the heart.

Being a follower of the above line, I have never been too scared of getting a pimple or two; but the moment my face pained from those minute monsters a week ago, fear began germinating in me.

It all took place a couple of weeks ago. It’s long gone now. Thanks to a wonderful invention, so to speak, a concoction filled with natural elements which I shall get to later, the attack by the tiny beasts was neutralized.

Getting down to the problems I came across with the pangs raging across my face whenever something just even brushed past. With sports being one of my other hobbies, writing being my first, I was taking part in various outdoor sports. And agony was all I went through.

The hot sun bearing down on my head, seeping the energy and also scalding my skin; and sweat trickling down in rivulets down my cheeks, burning on the already inflamed surface. It pained every time I wiped the sweat, or my hand went past, and it even pained when I washed my face to cleanse it. As I said, sheer agony.

The pain is not all, but the prolonged effect of pimples leaves behind scars which can be very awkward at times. Along with this, people with obsessions of selfies and photographs finally have a time in their life when they just can’t get a good click.

But hey! Problems in the past shouldn’t affect life now, right? Solutions are all that matter, as I am quite openly learning when I do my engineering drawing homework from the photos on Whatsapp.

My mom quietly helped me out at home with a home remedy I know not about, and the pain soon subsided. And the next day, Garnier’s Pure Active Neem Face Wash found its way to me. I had been an avid user of the same till there was no time to visit even the nearest store which sold it, and I was left stranded in the heat with my pain.

Lesson learnt.

There sure won’t be a time when I’m away from this wonderful face wash which contains real Neem leaves and Tree Tea Oil extracts which work to combat germs and pollution. They also help in removing the excess oil from the skin which would then attract more dust and germs. In a city like Mumbai, and with life racing at a pace so fast, I must insist that Garnier’s Pure Active Neem Face Wash is a necessity to prevent pimples.

To read more about this wonderful face wash, you can click here and here.

This post is written for Indiblogger’s Contest by Garnier India.

You Are There

I have felt a force, I know not of,
A bearing, a heading, in the darkness,
A pull at times, a push at others,
Who is It to decide my path, be it right or wrong,
To choose my path, which I know not of,
Is it God, or just my inner self, acting so strong,
I don’t know what You want, but You are always right,
I don’t know who You are, but You reside in my heart,
Not in deities, nor in idols, just in ideals I must say,
Just in people, in their presence, in their beliefs,
You are there.

Friday, January 23, 2015


It’s been a road so rough,
I’ve been wrecked and broken,
And I have risen as well,
There’s been day and night,
But there’s always been light,
Not guidance perhaps, but a plan,
The suns been up lately,
There’s the silence I prefer,
The corners, the niches of life,
The nooks and the crevices,
I’ve been away from the world,
But closer to myself I say,
Dark horse I feel like, not black beauty,
Duty I am of myself, not anyone else’s,
A shadow of myself I am not,
I am just myself,
Good entirely I am not,
Darkness is just my virtue,
I am what I am,
This is what my life is, a figure so huge,
I smile for myself, not you,
Here I stand, with myself so strong,
This is where my demons lie.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Reason To Smile

You are the reason, the only one,
For me to smile, the reason, to live,
The reason to enjoy, the reason to be there,
Your presence, so dear, your support priceless,
Your help a necessity, just you,
Your smile, a reason to be,
Your voice, a reason to talk,
The whispers running close, voices mingling, with secrets,
Your happiness is a reason, the only reason,
For my smile, and the twinkle in my eyes,
For my energy, and for my existence,
It’s not about me, never was, never will be,
It’s just you that matters, it’s not me,
It’s never been me for myself,
And it will never be, unless,
I walk away from myself, a half torn soul,
Or the past disappears, from memoriam, and being,
Or you stand by me, a reason, the one reason,
The only reason, just for my smile.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The undertow was strong,
The pull was hard,
The strain too much,
But the energy too less,
I was drained.

The target was too far,
The aim too high,
There was just one shot,
The chance to miss, major,
The stakes too high,
Yes I was scared.

The aftermath was scary,
The thought at least,
The future was bleary,
I thought my eyes would be teary,
Later, I guessed I would be at the bottom.

Choices don’t matter, decisions do,
The route doesn’t matter,
But the end of the path does,
Winning does, coming first,
Failure doesn’t,
But does the pain matter?

I took it all, made it to the wall,
A bit too tall for comfort,
Yet small, in lieu with the dreams,
Stitched by hand, covered in color,
Vivid they rose, an aura so energizing.

It took my all,
The energy, the strength,
My energy, my strength,
It took my self, every bit of it,
I fell to my knees,
My arms raised to the skies,
My chance was gone.

The journey was tiring,
The rises, the leveling and then the fall,
The piercing of the head,
Till the tail went in,
My name written, by the arrow so deep,
The taste of success, so sweet.

I rose to my feet,
Victory my savior,
Not a chance this was,
It was a decision, so true,
I limped on, snobby, smirking,
Yet panting, hiding the pain within,
Am I weak I asked myself,
And the answer spoke itself out to me.

Injury is temporary, but success is permanent.