Thursday, January 30, 2014

Somebody Special :P ;)

The 1st day we chatted,
I had called you Sir,
I later came to realize,
That it was a mistake, a humungous err.

We came closer,
And our friendship grew,
We didn’t kept on talking,
There was something between us, something true.

Our titles for each other,
Are quite unique and vivid,
But we have never fought,
Nor have become on each other livid.

Talking shit always,
Be it midnight or noon,
I have to say to God,
That you are for me a boon.

My unseen editor,
Of pictures and posts alike,
I must agree that,
People give your pictures more likes.

That is just professional,
Quite unlike how we really are,
Between us there is no distance,
Though we dwell very far.

I love those banters we have,
About the Reds, Barca and bananas as well,
There isn’t a topic left to fight about now,
And there isn’t anything hidden to tell.

Its not even a year,
Since we came in touch,
Just one meeting we have had,
But we have shared messages a bit too much.

This is not a wish,
Nor a birthday dedication,
Its just a plea for help,
Done in absolute frustration.

The above paragraph,
Was just put as a joke,
You really are a great guy,
A really jolly bloke.

This poem is for you Anil,
I must say with my head low,
You are by now embarrassed,
As I must say so.

This piece had no cheese,
As you have to agree,
K-Factor is my blogs name,
Remember that or I’ll give you slaps three.

19 you are now,
1 shy of twenty,
May you get fame and happiness,
In quite a plenty.

Here I end this rhyme,
To let our secret lay,
Brother all I wish you,
A very Happy Birthday.

The only picture we have together :P

PS: Happy to say that today my blog has crossed 25,000 pageviews within a year of the start of my blog and is still going ahead in full speed.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Yeh hai duniya,
Yeh ajeeb duniya,
Hai yeh jaisi bhi,
Hai yeh apni duniya.

Jeevan hai isme,
Aur kahin hai maut,
Aa jaye kahin gham,
Par khushi aa jaati hai laut.

Sach hai isme,
Aur kahin hai jhut ke daag,
Saath mil jaata hai hamesha,
Kyunki duniyadaari ki sada hai ek aag.

Yeh hai duniya,
Yeh ajeeb duniya,
Hai yeh jaisi bhi,
Hai yeh apni duniya.

Andhera hai kahin,
Aur mandrata hai ek kaala saaya,
Par hoti hai subeh hamesha,
Aur dikhta hai ujala chaaya.

Rok hai yahan anek,
Aur hai kayi zanjeer,
Vijay ke liye chaiye shakti,
Aur ek taakat jo sabko rakhde cheer.

Yeh hai duniya,
Yeh ajeeb duniya,
Hai yeh jaisi bhi,
Hai yeh apni duniya.

Hai kayi guthiyan,
Jo samajh nahi ayengi kayi baar,
Par aage badhna chaiye hamesha,
Aur nahi maanni chaiye kabhi haar.

Ekal aur shanti hai kahin,
Aur kahin hai shor bhayanak,
Jarurat se mile zingadi mein yeh,
Aur badle yeh ek dusre mein achanak.

Yeh hai duniya,
Yeh ajeeb duniya,
Hai yeh jaisi bhi,
Hai yeh apni duniya.

Sab chalte hai iske ishaare pe,
Bhale sahi ho ya galat,
Isse koi nahi khareed sakta,
Chahe ho kitni bhi daulat.

Hum hai bande uske,
Bass choti si katputliyan,
Bass karna hai jo voh chaahe,
Kyunki sarvshaktishaali hai yeh duniya.

Yeh hai duniya,
Yeh ajeeb duniya,
Hai yeh jaisi bhi,
Hai yeh apni duniya.

Monday, January 27, 2014


beating and pumping
breaks in love
keeps you alive

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to make your blog better than others?

In recent times, I have become quite a pro-active criticizer of Bollywood, and I would like to thank movies like the third parts of the Dhoom and Krrish series for it. I also owe it to the increasing exposure I have got to Hollywood movies and also to the internet which provides very clean reviews of movies. So, I have tried to fill this whole post with something I do not wish to let you know now. Read on, and then comment what you think it is. I had put a part of it on Facebook, as some of you will realize (but do read the rest); the others, you can read on, and then do send me a friend request to remain in touch.

This post was inspired by my dear friend and brother, Adithya Manikumar who put up a new type of review of Dhoom 3. You can read it here. After seeing Dhoom 3 and then the Prestige, I decided that I could not let Bollywood remain and earn like this. I so wanted to vent out my feelings for them and so, here I begin.

How to make a Bollywood movie which earns hundreds of crores?
Start seeing Hollywood movies for good concepts, and mix some of them and use them as one. Then add a desi touch to it, and spice it up with some drama, which can be stolen from Yash Raj movies, some emotions and a twist which usually involves a handicap or some heart numbing disease to one of the main character’s family members. Then sign up a couple of Superstars, a good looking actress, and some irritating side heroes to act as mosquitoes. Give the actress an item song, sung and made by Yo Yo Honey Singh to provide glamour to the movie, and also get her to pose for the posters. Your movie is ready. Just before the movie releases, make sure you go to Comedy Night with Kapil to get Dadi’s shagun ki pappi or your movie will get Babaji ka Thullu.

The script doesn’t matter, and the amount you earn is directly proportional to the money you use to influence people to see your movie. Now sit back and enjoy the Box Office flood.

What thoughts should you have if your movie fails to earn money, but gets enough stars from critics?
You must feel proud. You have made a sensible movie which does NOT contain Bollywood drama, any superstars, or a good actress. All you have is a logical plot with a good script based on a concept which is above the understanding of the Bollywood Cheese lovers. Be happy that your thinking is higher than that of a majority of the audience, and do party hard.

How to make a Bollywood music album? Hit or flop doesn’t matter; it’s all your luck.
Hear songs from languages other than English and Hindi, and then use the background music and the tunes you just heard for your songs. This can be done for all the songs, except those you want as hits. The main objective is to get hit songs, and that is dealt with in the next question.

How to make a hit Bollywood song?
Get Yo Yo Honey Singh and/or Arijit Singh to sing the song. The beats must be copied from somewhere or must be the same as used for other songs. The song must be released after the whole album, and the video must prove irresistible for the viewers, so that they need to watch the song again and again to see THAT stuff. Another option would be to revamp an old Bollywood song and mix it up with beats, and some new lyrics. Your HIT song is ready!

Here ends my prowess with Bollywood, and now I move on to some more How-To’s.

How to make an Ekta Kapoor type drama serial?
Get a large bungalow for the hero who lives with loads of relatives. His wife has to be very innocent, and she must be able to weep buckets on the dialogues and actions of her wicked saas. This should happen for a majority of the time, and this will work only if there is the presence of vivid sarees, and intricate yet heavy ornaments for all the women. Lastly, find an old Bollywood song, and use its title as the name of your serial. Your drama serial is ready!

How to get a place in the Indian Cricket Team?
Get selected in the Chennai Super Kings, and make sure you catch the eye of the selectors with some cameo innings, and you will be through. After getting selected, there will always be the chance of being thrown out, so when they give you a warning, play well for a couple of innings, and hope that someone else plays worse than you.

Now the bumper question, the one which brought you till here- the title!

How to make your blog better than others?
Well, I don’t know this, and nor I ever will. I used this as the title to just attract you to read the whole article. And to be frank, my blog isn’t as well, eh? I’m just a teenager and bla bla bla as my Blogger profile says, so please help me out and put your feedback of my blog in the comments section below.

PS: This post is not meant to hurt any sentiments. I have just said what I felt about movies and TV serials, and regarding the cricket question, well, I am a die-hard CSK fan myself. This is just an attempt to tickle your funny bone, so just try to laugh a bit on the above boring jokes. I apologize again for the title which still remains unanswered.

Friday, January 24, 2014


wobbly legs
churning stomach
nervousness reigns

PS: This is written while waiting in the Principal’s office for results. :P