About Me

“I'm just a teenager who loves to write, and I just want to put forward my thoughts to the whole wide world.”

This is what my initial idea with my blog was, and then after around a year, I joined Project 365. The Core team came up with a very vivid and different description of me from what information I had given them.

This sums up what I am and in a very innovative way. It also depicts stuff in a way which I hadn’t known I existed in.

I like to keep my blog updated regularly, and I also love reading other blogs and books. I love connecting with people, and I am active on social networking sites as well.

You can connect with me on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and also on Indiblogger.

Cheers to all and Happy Reading!!


  1. :D... you've gone places kid... you've gone places...

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    1. Done :)
      Thank you for the opportunity :)

  3. I couldn't find your email address anywhere on the website..
    Are you interested in doing a sponsored post ? Do let me know if interetsed :)

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