Sunday, September 29, 2013


Suhani si thi voh raat,
Jab aaya muhje ek khayal karte hue baat,
Ke zindagi legi aisa sangin mod,
Aur bachega nahi uske liye koi aasaan tod.

Kahani padhke ki maine jaanch,
Aur kaha ke unke pyar mein ayegi aanch,
Aa raha tha kirdaar ek naya,
Unke pyar par nahi karne vala tha daya.

Hazam nahi hui unko yeh kahani meri,
Isliye mere samne laga di tikhe lafzon ki dheri,
Ho gayi garma garmi aur nok jhok,
Lag gayi mere shabdon par rok.

Pahunchi nahi mere dil ki bhavna un tak,
Isliye cheena gaya mera bolne ka haq,
Thi yeh meri kalpana choti si,
Jispe lag gayi zanjeer moti si.

Alag sochneki ho gayi thi mujhse galti,
Upaay jald hi mila mujhe jaise chandni gayi dhalti,
Nahi batayunga ab main iss duniya ko,
Voh rangin sapne naa hi voh khayalon ko.

Desh deta hai dil se bolne ki aazadi,
Par jo aisa kare uski hoti hai barbaadi,
Bolne se acha lagta hai ab karna dimag ko saaf,
Kahan kho gaya manushya ka insaaf?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Countdown to Destiny


And…Eagle is away.”

15,000 miles to be precise, the sun rose. A golden glow emanating from the dark horizon, the town arose in a wave. The silence of the darkness broke through and allowed the raucous calls of birds, and the darkness itself fought back into its shell, now invaded by the stretches of light. Children walked slowly, weighed down by the heavy bags on their tiny shoulders; and adults made their way into cars parked on the roads. The asphalt mirrored the glow, though not for long. The shadows of moving objects on its skin increased, and life went on.

Hearing the numbers and four amplified words from the loudspeaker, the group of men in green army uniforms, seated in a circle around the oak table, let out heavy sighs, and shook hands solemnly.

Clanking in the kitchens, and loud wake-up calls from the bedrooms; they all added to the early morning din. It was not different, yet this was the expectation with which the people arose. Schedules were followed and they were meant to be maintained. In the greenery of the garden, filled with roses and a enjoying a manicured lawn, a child looked up at the sky, and all he saw was a strange looking bird.

Moving towards a large world map, which hung on one of the walls, the senior most of the lot said, “Men, our reply has left us. It will reach our Opposition in around 15 minutes. Congratulations gentlemen. First part of Mission Replica is complete, let us all have a toast for that; and then we shall commence with Phase 2.”

“Mama, what is that bird in the sky?”

“What honey? Mommy is a bit busy sweetheart. I’ll just be out with Daddy’s lunch.”

“Till then the bird will go Mama.”

“It will come back love. And I’m almost there baby.”

An almost inaudible resounded to the surface and glistened in the tiny, yet sensitive ears of the child, and he shivered mildly. Far above him, the creature opened up at the bottom, and let out a ball of destruction.

The smiles continued to remain on the people’s heads, as they went on as puppets of their schedule. Nor did they know about the danger hovering above their heads, nor could they do anything to prevent it. Oblivious to the falling ball of catastrophe, they went on with life.

10 seconds later, it happened. And booms and flashes and screams permeated the place.

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Friday, September 27, 2013


Nauseous buzz,
Infectious bite,
Pathogen vector.

PS: This is dedicated to the mosquito which bit my dad some days ago and inflicted him with a mild dengue.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Gorgeous princess to viper,
Love moment disrupted by sniper,

Sweat trickles, eyes open.

Credits: Google

Monday, September 23, 2013

Liebster Moment!!

It’s been quite a while since I have posted something on my blog (for me a week is too much..:P). Not that I’ve lost interest but “Hey, Student life is tough!” I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working perennially on a competition which awaits me this Friday, and co-incidentally, this week is also host to college prelims.

So I decided to spend sometime today away from work, to just blog, and this good news welcomed me. Vidhi nominated my blog for a Liebster Award! Now isn’t that cool! Thank You for that Vidhi! And as I’ve told you before, your nail art is damn awesome.

So here is how Liebster Award works:

a)      You answer the 10 questions that your nominator gave you
b)      After that you nominate 10 other people who have less than 200 followers and link them in your post
c)      You think of 10 new questions for the nominees to answer
d)     You let them know you’ve nominated them so they can post their response/questions.

This is just an exercise to allow bloggers to know each other better, and I hope this does justice to the objective (Please excuse my lingo for some days, it’s just an overdose of writing speeches for debates).

So the questions which Vidhi has asked me are:

1.      Who is your favorite blogger?
I love reading, and as days have gone by, I have got into the act of reading blogs instead of books and newspapers. Not that I have any favorites as such, but there is a blog whose post I wish to see every time I log in to read stuff. And that is Nitesh Sir. His blog has slowly displaced my newspaper habit as it keeps me updated with the latest news of the nation in a fun way which is good to read.

2.      What is your favorite food?
I love eating. Period. I would enjoy eating any spicy eatable, but it is fast food which attracts me most. And being a Mumbai-ite, it’s the Mumbai street food which is the best for me! Hot vada-pavs, and the buttery pav bhaji, and the samosas. Slurp! That made my mouth water!

3.      What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
There are many crazy things I have done, but I could count this as the craziest. Around 5-6 years ago, there was some problem in the phone (At that time there were those big landlines). I had to make a call to my friend about a project and it was very urgent as well. The repair guy informed us that it would take him some time before he could drop in to check the phone.

Young and crazy, I decided to take down the phone in order to check the problem and to try to repair it. The day ended with the handset going in the bin (somehow I could not manage to close it again). Maybe that was the moment I decided to become an engineer..:P

4.      Your favorite romantic comedy?
I must bow my head down to say that I do not enjoy romantic comedies at all. Movies mean speed, action, bullets, tanks, and detectives to me, and that’s my preferred genre.

5.      What would you buy someone gave you unlimited money?
Now there’s a whole list. Most of the items in this list would be the creations of technology which would include a supercomputer and some automobiles.

6.      Which is the outfit that you loved in the past but hate it now?
I used to wear sports jerseys, and I used to wear them a lot. I hate them now, with all the flimsy material, and the slippery stuff.

7.      Do you blog for fun or is it your career?
I blog just to freshen up. Writing is my passion, and I use it just for recreation.

8.      Do you believe in ghosts?
Not at all. It’s just our imagination.

9.      Who would you like as your blogging partner?
I prefer being alone when I write stuff, but I am always open to ideas. So any one who is open and who shares his/her honest opinion with me would be perfectly fine.

10.  Do you like giveaways? Do you participate in any?
A very good question. I have always thought of expanding my blog to hold contests and to host giveaways as well. I hope to soon start on that as well.
I love to participate in any contest, especially if it concerns writing, so yeah, I am a one for taking part in giveaways.

Here are my questions:
1.      If you had to spend a day as the Prime Minister of India, what would you do?
2.      Which is your favorite past time other than blogging?
3.      Which is your favorite book?
4.      What is your favorite sweet?
5.      Which is the biggest mistake of your life?
6.      Who is your favorite cartoon character?
7.      Which genre of music do you enjoy the most?
8.      If there happened to be an alien invasion, and you could escape with a person or a thing, then who or what would you take with yourself?
9.      Which blogger’s work do you savor the most?
10.  After doing what task would you feel that your life’s aim was accomplished?

My nominees for the Liebster Award are: