Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Glimpse Of The Past

It all comes together under the dark sky,
With the shimmering stars and desolate moon,
A rage of color hidden in the darkness,
Just like the storm behind a face filled with gloom,
A showcase of emptiness displaying the void,
The absence of light emphasized by the wisps of grey,
Floating around randomly, racing around without aim,
Tangling with each other, just thoughts haywire,
Near the water so silvery and just...empty,
The horizon layered with a coat of coal,
Brewed coffee so dark, so bitter yet so awakening,
Waves crashing together, destroying the serene dunes of sand,
Remodeling a set figurine of granules delicate,
Yet creating a new masterpiece with every fling on land,
A vision renewed with every voyage into the sea,
Yet so destructive, yet so creative,
Wish nature did the same with all the pairs that exist,
Just as much as thoughts in a basket,
The mind is the easel, the thoughts paint,
Moving together, swaying together, all as one,
Shaping up slowly to form a gateway, all for a glimpse in the past.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Sitting with you is like being in heaven,
Softly holding your hands and taking in all you say,
A seamless creation and those dark alluring eyes,
Wide and deep just like the sea, mysterious and stormy,
You tell me stories with just a twinkle of an eye,
Passing on color and vigor to a carcass so dry,
I lay in the sun, rotting in my obstinacy,
A figure bound in its own web,
Unable to break free from the bondages of life,
Drying out emotions in the sunlight of the present,
It’s hazy and vivid with reds and blues coming together,
A combination of the dying light and the widespread smog,
Echoing the plethora of ideas in me,
Held and caged, hidden away and destroyed,
They all remain in heart and in soul,
Pouring out from within with you at my side,
Trust built to survive the toughest,
You're what the world desires, a priceless companion indeed,
You listen, you speak; you do the right things,
You hold forth high on the battle field, your presence so strong,
A gift so true, a catalyst.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


A burden of tranquility holds me down,
Shivers rush through my body as the pain spasms through,
The cold icy night isn’t felt as my blood freezes,
I’m all but in peace, broken by too many,
I have crashed to the floor and I have slid down too,
But that’s your story too,
The eyes see the truth untrue dancing in the obvious,
But they see not the lies fabricated,
Through the gaps you looked in,
Your eyes wider than the hole which just stood there,
You didn’t fill in the pieces, nor did you scrape at the sides,
You waited for me to complete the plot,
Just as I did for you,
I look at you today, and a smile reveals it all, and so does a tear,
A gentle touch, a firm hug, a soft caress,
Fiddling with our fingers and playing with hair,
All you did was to be a mirror for me, as I did for you,
Identical images closing in as we stand together,
We are the same, yet we are so different.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Kuch lamhein hai jo yaadon mein badal jaate hai,
Mitte nahi yeh pal hai jo, par labon pe muskaan voh chalkaate hai,
Khilte hue chehre ki roshni mein chamakte sapne,
Tanhayee se bhaag kar sachai mein bandhe,
Unn sapno ki hai baat, unn khwabon ki hai baat,
Likhe hue shabd hai voh jo zindagi mein rang bharte hai uss syahi se,
Har sama lautta nahi, bass chalta rehta hai,
Yeh dost aur voh dooriyan, bass ek soch se bandhe hai,
Khayalon mein basti hai yeh duniya,
Aur fehel jaati hai khushi jab armaano se zindagi likhi jaati hai.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Being A Shadow

This is for a figure, who stood by in thick and thin,
A person who stood forever in the shadows,
Being a railing whenever I stumbled,
A handhold, a backbone, every word is too less,
Someone who pushed me ahead,
Yet carried me, and held me high on his shoulder,
We played, we talked; we created a world for ourselves,
We shared, we cared, and I learnt it all from you,
Now they say we are the same, yet I nod in denial,
There be no one so great, not me in the least,
I shall forever be your shadow, following your steps,
You lead the way for me, as I hold my head so high,
The best gift I have with me, my father, the best, the greatest.