Thursday, February 21, 2013

Can we ever be equal??

Equality. A word with various ambiguous meanings, equality signifies a different thing for every different human on this planet. Divides on the basis of gender, race, age, origin, caste, income, property, language and religion infest this world. But can these divides be eradicated so as to bring forward a notion of equality throughout the world? I do not have an optimistic lookout towards an equal socialistic tomorrow. But is this true?

There has always been discrimination on the basis of gender. Women have always been subdued, and they have not got the respect they deserve in society. In some of the developed and developing countries, the last couple of decades have been covered with struggles to promote empowerment of women; and after great strain, this hurdle has been budged ( at least in some nations). But this problem still persists in a huge number of nations all around the world. Women are still treated like servants and their working conditions have worsened. Can this divide ever be completely breached? The global vastness of this dilemma works just to direct my view to the negative side, and I do not think social equality will be reached in the near future.

As the world has progressed, the life of the human race has developed to extremely high levels. Due to this, the age factor has started playing a major role in life. The newer and younger generation-with better technology- has been offered the world in their hands; but the older generation has been used to working manually to satisfy all their needs. This difference in mentality has worked to create in divide in both of the generations minds. This gap has magnified in the last decade, and now I feel it is too herculean a task to be managed. The only way this gap can be bridged is by a change in mentalities of people, but as we all know, the human race is too obstinate. Thus I feel change cannot be brought about.

Diversity has always been important in the rulebook of life. Diversity is the only reason why people around the world differ in their physical characteristics. It was nature’s desire to create the human race in various forms, but humans have found in it a new way to be higher than their other fellow human beings. Discriminations on the basis of race, origin and caste arise from the depths of this law of nature. As there exist a vivid variety of races and castes in this world, I feel it will take an eternity to establish equality between all of these variations.

God. The Creator. An image printed in all of the world’s populace, He has countless different faces. Christ, Allah, God and the list goes on. Believing in the Divine One is always dependant on people’s beliefs, and each and every person on this planet is entitled to pursue their own belief. But, the human race has been divided again in the name of God. They kill, murder and torture people due to their beliefs. All of this has been made possible by minor wrong interpretations of the Holy Books. This has lasted since a long time, and it is unclear whether or not these problems can be shifted aside. I feel they cannot as they exist between every two people living on this planet. And as the populace on this planet is too high, it is highly impossible to resolve issues between every two human beings.

On the whole, the problem of social inequality has troubled the world since a long time. As we look up into the horizon about where this problem will go, all we can see is a world with continued inequality. The issues of people are enhanced day-by-day and solving these issues will be a very big problem. Thus I feel social equality cannot be reached in the present world.


  1. Social Equality will be reached once we Human understand the meaning of it and strive for it..But in the present scenario I guess that is hardly possible...

  2. Education is the best solution to eradicate social inequality...

  3. Social equality is nearly impossible to achieve, because if that was ever possible there would have been no wars , no killing and centuries of discrimination!

  4. In practice, equality is a myth. Lets accept that. But, with that, we should not stop, at least we can try to bridge the gap to certain extent.