Sunday, May 5, 2013


I still remember those years,
When we were so small, so young,
Trudging happily to our second home,
Smiles lining our faces,
Those small tiny bags strung up on our shoulders,
And those cute little bottles hanging from the necks,
I still remember the gigantic classes,
And the way we used to sit,
Sharing all our thoughts out,
The twinkles in our eyes,
And the glow on our faces,
Permeated with the flowers of happiness.
I still remember those days,
When we stayed back after normal hours,
To enjoy some games,
Running around in the compound with all the time to spare,
Being together and one at all times,
No matter what be the situation,
I still remember the support and all the fun we had.
A long time ago all of it now seems,
Not just the decade we have passed through,
The fun seems to have vanished and the smiles all gone,
Heavy bags now line our paths,
As we all participate in the fastidious race,
But the fact that hurts me most is that,
Times have changed,
And so have friends,
Contacts have been lost and the faces have been misplaced,
But the memories remain etched,
Making me realize how far away I am,
And all I can do is miss those moments of enjoyment and immense glee,
The holding of hands and leading the way,
The minute gestures of love and care,
The smiles on our faces and the sweet fights we had,
I still remember those moments of our friendship,
Which are bound to never return.


  1. Those were the times...
    Am nostalgic o'er here now...

  2. Fine nostalgic moments; worth remembering