Friday, July 7, 2017

The Rain

Drops pattering in the background, the air swirling around,
No rays dancing, far and wide; no light, no hope,
Thoughts and memories paving the way ahead, just like you,
Distant in memory, yet a click away, and a shake of the head,
Words flowing like rivulets in their youth, more often than not,
Repetition is more about coincidence, of thoughts,
Petrichor rising with the falling rain, emotions following suit,
New friends, new places, new memories, yet not a new me,
A forlorn face hidden behind a smile so warm and clear,
A dream in mind, an idea in place; but for that face,
The clouds mirroring the eyes so wet, but not in sorrow,
In peace; the tranquil lazing under the sun,
Bathing in the silence; dancing to the quiet song of absence,
The faces have changed, for you and for me,
So has the time; yet everything has remained the same,
Nothing can be undone, the moments, the time, the past,
It will forever remain a chapter; repeating and changing,
Just like the rain; falling and rising, felt but not seen.

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