Sunday, December 6, 2015


There was a puzzle, with all its pieces shuffled,
Till the new day rose with a sun so bright,
Mysteries solved and conundrums corrected,
The light was you, a star in the dying night,
A rage to run afar, a fire to race ahead,
It was a hand to lead, a map for the mirage,
I tried to push away, afraid to consume the light,
Only to lose the way in the dark,
It wasn’t a hand to leave; it wasn’t a heart to bereave,
A mistake to let those eyes blink,
To blur in the veil of sorrow, dripping slowly,
Some things to change, small, yet meaning so much more,
Large distances to cover, to hold back the breaking land,
It’s all but a reason, a gift to savor for life,
A heart to store and never give back, nor mine to take,
A promise and a dream, never to break,
Just a smile, your smile, something to see forever,
All with a hand, never to leave, here to stand, just for you.

1 comment:

  1. Good one Karan ! .. and it seems that you have solved this beautiful jumbled puzzle by the end :)