Friday, December 4, 2015


There comes a day when the maze clears,
There comes a day when there are no fears,
Everything's clear like the summer sky,
It’s just like a dream- to chase, to soar, to fly,
I know what I felt in the days gone by,
It’s still there, but just not as high,
Watching through the thicket, waiting for time,
For the precise moment, just not enough to be sublime,
It was all a thought, a feeling, a feeble cry from the heart,
But it was just me; I forgot you played a part,
It hurt like hell- still does, yet it cleaned the past,
I’ve lost memories and scars alike, not smiles,
I never had thought that it could all happen so fast,
It’s a clean slate now I guess, not so clear though,
The dust is setting in the ridges; it’s starting to flow,
I want to smile, yet I want to lament in the pain,
It’s just a feeling of absence, just a bit to refrain,
I want to hide the whole of me; the now empty box is tempting,
Pretense is the game I wish to play,
Lest for a wish too strong, for a face, for a smile.


  1. loved your poem, beautiful as usual...:)

  2. A beautiful one Karan .. I liked it whole with a special mention to the line ,"The dust is setting in the ridges; ... "