Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Wall of Faces

We had our own beginnings, so special and different,
Getting to know each other slowly,
Unraveling every piece of each other’s mysteries together,
We laughed till we cried, holding our stomachs,
The silly things we did, just a look to know it all,
Until came the day to walk away into the shadows,
To start anew the rise to the top, with others,
New hands to high five; new faces to smile at,
New memories to reminisce, new moments to enjoy,
The past does not just walk away; a clean slate isn’t inevitable,
Everyone may vanish into the crowd, except a friend so true,
A familiar face brushing past in an unknown place,
A hand grabbing at you, patting your back in exhilaration,
A chance encounter, an unplanned meeting,
A coffee with words, and hours to spend, memories to remember,
With time these build in the eyes, moist souvenirs of the past,
A day isn’t enough to cherish it all, nor is a long message,
Words put together make no sense, nor does a band strike memoriam,
It never gets too dark on that alley,
It’s a block to circle, a bridge to the time you spent once,
Lined with those faces you'll never forget.


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