Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stranger Things

You are here at this moment, and not at the next,
I can feel you around, but it’s just not the same,
I can hear your voice, through my heart, just static,
You're calling to me from the depths, the echoes barely audible,
It’s just like my mind- scared, tired and worried,
I should never have let you leave, to explore the hole in the ground,
The shadows were so mesmerizing, the silhouettes calling out,
As the monster remained hidden in plain sight,
I want to look for you, I want to find you, I want to get you back,
You've gone to a place so secure, a secret haven, not yours,
You hide in the same places, and I find you there, just a shadow,
A wisp of smoke, signaling through the lights, to me,
Your fear cuts right through the gap between us, to our bond,
And my scream drowns out yours, but not for the monster,
Bile trickling down its face, its racing towards you,
Its legs thumping on the ground at the same speed as my heart,
The stench is enough to kill a man, but your sobs do it for me,
I fall to the ground as the monster bellows loudly,
Sweat on my brow, my eyes flicker open to take in my room,
It was a dream, I say to myself; as the door creaks shut,
The wind is blowing through the open window,
It all comes back with a bang as I see the dollop of bile,
Right in the middle of your bed, and I swallow,
I don’t know what stranger things are headed my way.


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