Sunday, February 21, 2016


It started off with a spark; gradually it was a flame,
Raging like a forest fire, tearing apart everything in its path,
Flames emanating from everywhere, we resembled dragons,
Our eyes could wound, and your words could make me bleed,
It was from the heart, just not passion, not the right red,
Our shields remained where they were,
Though we said we had them down, paranoia,
A past to hide over an uncertain future, all spoiling the present,
Our hands slipped into each other fluidly,
It was all like a dream till I felt my scars tingle,
New scratches opening older gashes,
Flooding the happiness with a sense of foreboding,
I wanted to see you smile, like you never had before,
I wanted to write a story with you, unlike any other,
I slept through the first time, and I felt a prick the second,
I woke up the third, and then I didn’t know what to do,
A hand on your back, the other stanching the tears,
That shall remain forever, yet only with your smile,
Trying to break free from the bond we share,
Straining at the chain holding us together,
Afraid to dirty your hands, the mess remained as was,
Is it really you, you ask of me the moment you vanish into thin air
A ploy to snuggle in closer, or a wish to walk away,
It’s a kaleidoscope of possibilities, until I’ll give you just one,
Darkness shall fall again, the clouds shall return,
It won’t be the first time something hot made two people so cold,
You're a spark in the forest of my heart,
I can feel it burn, I can feel it hurt,
But you’ll know when I feel it breaks, 'cause I’ll make sure you feel the same.

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