Tuesday, February 9, 2016

From The Inside

The unsaid words are growing, sentences spoken in silence,
I don’t need words to say what I want,
The silence is my mother tongue, heartfelt and close,
There’s a bubble engorging me, its groan swallowing all there is,
It’s a world being built for me, painted in my hues,
It’s a story in my language, my words, and with my pen,
An effort to take the step ahead, the tree bearing its fruits now,
A rainbow of happiness prancing high up in the sky,
Dancing with the silver lining of the clouds,
Its ‘happily ever after’ till I see the face trying to hide in plain sight,
A figure so passive and far, yet unpleasing to the eye,
I see you slouching, I see you whining, and I hear your stories,
I see through your tales, and through the facade surrounding you,
It’s time to wake up, to fall to the truth from the platform of lies,
To kiss these times goodbye and never to turn back again,
But it’s you; I push and throw, only for you to return,
There’s a buzz and I can feel my head weighing down on me,
The lights coming back on and the voices are starting to sing,
It’s a lament bidding you sayonara, unprecedented,
And I’m smiling, again, just because of you,
I don’t even wait for you to turn the bend as I slam the door,
And it’s just for my life, as I cleanse myself from the inside,
It’s a new feeling, a new warmth, a new glimmer in the darkness,
It’s all happening inside, and I know it’s just the beginning.

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