Saturday, June 25, 2016

Come And See

It’s quite disturbing to watch someone wither away,
Souls changing into wisps of smoke,
What was once a vivid, colored painting, is now a mere sketch,
Outlines remaining; silhouettes trudging around, less the shadow,
It’s a tad bit painful to watch someone break in front of you,
Raw emotion tumbling past like an avalanche,
The things left unsaid, now being told; but just not to the right person,
The solution was a moment away, a tiny word so overused,
Oh it’s bad, to be shattered into a million pieces,
The shards drawing more blood than the actual wound,
Just as you start to pick yourself up to walk ahead,
The pictures in your head change drastically,
Scenarios shuffle in this sick exchange,
It’s hard, to stand through all this muck, to watch the happiness seep away,
It’s harder when you say to me- come and see; an understudy to the world,
I see the cracks, I hear the noise; I can hear and see you wash away,
I cannot turn, the tides, just as much as you wish,
Then you smile, and then you laugh, muffled and tentative,
A change of heart and a spark in the eyes, realization or just remorse?
It signals for me to vanish back into the shadows,
Not to hide, not to cower, just to hold back in plain sight,
Only till I hear those words again, come and see.

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