Monday, April 10, 2017


In the light of the beginning, we missed the shadow of the end,
It all left behind a void- tiny, yet a hole deep enough to burn,
The pain wasn't there, but it wasn't pleasant either,
A thought in itself, a dream in itself, fun in itself, a duty in itself,
It was all we wanted, and got it we did;
Ideas coming up and walking out, some taking shape,
The tape is playing again, the moment has returned to the spotlight,
Time is surely weird, or is it?
We had walked away one day, till it came back, and so did we,
All smiles, subtle remarks, it was the old against the new,
The time we shared together is still fresh in memory,
I doubt it ever will get old, nor will you, for me,
It's a new start, for the lot of us, the pack from when it began,
A beginning for you, a beginning for me, a beginning for us, again,
Tough like always, and simple- as everything remains with you,
We may have walked past the end, on a new route,
I doubt it will be any better, as best beginnings happen here.

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