Saturday, April 15, 2017


A lot has changed as the clock has ticked, yet it feels the same,
Our paths crossing each other, again;
The dried leaves crackling under our feet, the wilderness still lush and full,
Hints of the wilting brush- brown, layered with the tears of the forest,
Signs of birth, of rejuvenation; of change, but not of difference,
The winds blowing through, a shiver of hope in the heat of the moment,
Is it you, or is it me; or both, as the greenery jumps back to life,
More than happiness, its glee; more than shock, it's relief,
A passing ray, visible for a second, and then not; close yet afar,
That's you and me; the epitome of freshness- evergreen,
Heads looking back, just as our roads; back to where we began,
Or away; the rain coming down in sheets, a cue to vanish; again,
More than love, its friendship; more than moments, it's forever,
More than you and me, it's us.