Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What Would I Do Without You?

It’s been a journey; it’s been so long,
I’ve come to know, with you I belong,
You’re so special, you’re so dear,
You’ve taken my pain, you’ve removed my fear.

Not a day goes by without your thought,
You’re the one I’ve never fought,
Been in the sunshine and in the rain,
You’ve never stopped me, never refrained.

People give gifts, I write to you,
From my heart, oh yes I do,
Thoughts unsaid, and feelings untold,
It’s time to speak out; it’s time to be bold.

You’ve led me forward; you light up my way,
You’ve made me talk, all that I want to say,
Ranting, poetry, stories, all fiction,
You’ve had me try a lot, you’ve handed me conviction.

Time’s gone by fast; it’s a couple of years,
I say this, my eyes moist with happy tears,
You’ve been there from moment one,
Nothing you missed, lines and words none.

I walk the path at times alone,
The wing chilling me through to the bone,
It wasn’t me I feel, it was all you,
That’s when I ask myself,
What would I do without you?

This piece is written for my blog which turns 2 today.


  1. Congrats Karan!
    Awesome work with the poem dedicated to your blog.
    As one of your readers, I advice you to keep Blogging.
    May you and your blog have many more happy years with each other.

    1. Thank you Anirudh for your wishes :D
      Keep visiting..!!

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you liked the post Ma'am and thank you for your wishes :) :D

  3. Awesome Dedication...
    Happy Blogging,
    Good luck and Best wishes,
    Like always Let the K-Factor guide you,
    Best Regards...!!! :)

  4. What an awesome way to bring up 2 years in blogging.
    Good and descriptive lines..
    Loved the last line... What would i do without you!!

  5. Well Written mate!

    I am an aspiring blogger @ http://starlitoctave.wordpress.com/ . And I do write some poems, I would be really grateful to you if you can give me some tips for me to write better like you.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for coming by and glad you liked it..!
      Would love to help you out brother..!! :D