Sunday, February 15, 2015

You Shot Me Down

A day so true,
I could hear the wind as it blew,
Past me, whistling in my ears,
It’s not about my tears, nor is it about those beers.

A day so weird,
When I asked you, you just sneered,
An answer was what I couldn’t get,
Our future was something on which I wouldn’t bet.

Hand in hand we had walked,
All night long we had talked,
Our words melted into nothingness,
It caused me trouble, a lot of stress.

The days lengthened, the nights so long,
All I heard was the phoenix’s song,
The sorrow swept me off my legs,
But the pain didn’t drown in all of those pegs.

Bottles empty, I looked for some more,
Then I fell down and began to snore,
A nap it wasn’t, blackout it was,
You weren’t the answer, you were the cause.

A void so huge, the darkness undefined,
You ruined the image of life; it ceased to be refined,
The dreams all stopped, and the thoughts all died,
I knew I had to take cover, I knew I had to hide.

I watched you go far far away,
You just had gone, another trouble at bay,
I had been played, made to look like a clown,
I just laughed at myself; baby, as you shot me down.


  1. This is really well written.
    Emotions expressed in the best of words possible...
    I liked the line the most i.e. "You weren't the answer, you were the cause"

  2. Very powerful feelings, suppressed (?) ... and then brought out in verse.