Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The rainbow stood out bright in the dark shadow of the clouds,
The colors so perfect and evident, just like fresh flowers,
Sparkling so far away, the pearls winking back, trickling down the sea of blue,
A flash so sudden, so terrifying, the hues disintegrating,
Beauty isn’t in perception, it’s in perfection.

There is the happy memory of hands coming together, and of smiles,
A haven of peace, a peak of satisfaction, a tsunami of reminiscent times,
A mirage of perfection created only to be wrecked in the avalanche,
The dark debris drowning the good times in the void of pain,
Happiness isn’t just an expression, it’s also an impression.

Light illuminating the figure in the center, supine on the floor,
I snarl, I roar, yet I whimper and I whine, I bark and I bite, I am dangerous,
The paws of duty cutting through the center of well being,
The canines of responsibility biting through the bone of life, of happiness,
A mirror is all I need to realize the abstract truth, to see the abyss holing me,
I’m turning into a monster and the feeling is getting stronger.

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