Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Wait For Eternity

She snug in beside him and her heart warmed as she saw his face break into a smile. Even with his eyes closed, his fingers found hers in the cover of the thin sheet, and as she gazed at him, he delicately toyed with her fingers in the darkness, till it consumed him. A light smile lit her face up, and her eyes, a bit glistened with the hint of moisture. It hadn’t been long since she had been the mirror image of what she was right now, and it was all due to time. Times had changed so fast, and in such a way that her life seemed to have reached the zenith and was stranded in the ecstasy of the moment.

Slowly picking her hand out of his, she dabbed at her eyes and shaped his face with her other hand. With a final glance, she held back her hand and walked to the window. It had been the same time that day, just a couple of calendars earlier; the days had all changed, and so had the nights. They had flowered into the times she dreamt off, the moments she had envisioned, and the memories she had wished to create for herself. Her life had transformed into a heaven from the purgatory it had been.

The streams of light shone in the distance, buzzing around at speeds unimaginable as she stood alone at the balcony. It was more than a year since she had walked away from Sam, but there he was, etched in memory and in the scars she hid from the world on her heart. Her gaze was unperturbed, as her mind reeled on and on, working agonizingly hard.

"It’s not that I need someone, but it would be so good to have someone pull me back from the whirlpool of my thoughts. Someone to just hold me as I would fall into the safety of his arms, and just lie back with no worries," she said to herself with a sigh.

Nostalgia ran through her, racing with the cars on the road, as the first drop broke free from the confines of the curtain of her eyes.

“I so wish...I so wish...”

“What happened sweetheart? Why are you crying, and what do you wish for,” asked Chirag, his hands wrapping around her waist, slowly turning her to face him.

“Nothing Chirag...just had a bad day...you sleep darling...”

"I’ll wait up for you...come soon,” he replied understandingly with a tight hug to her.

The dreams she had had, had come true, and she just wished it would never end. She never wanted to be so alone, like she had been, 2 years ago on the same day; she just wanted him to be hers; she just wanted to smile. She had waited a long time for the wait to end, and now, it had ended on a high note. With a minute shake of her head she slipped in beside him, her hands finding his before his did to hers, and turning her head slowly, she met his lips with hers, savoring the moment and the memories it would cultivate, all with time.


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