Saturday, May 2, 2015

Parchment Of Memories

The shining light combating the darkness of the chamber,
There I wallow in the corner, immersed deep in thought,
The words from the open book wafting around freely,
The mind flickering in the shadows of nostalgia,
Racing down memory lane I stagger under the weight of the past,
The crates filled with paperbacks yellowed,
Yet so fresh in memory, down to each dotted i,
The tales and the travails of the park so lush,
So green, the dusty shoes and the dirty legs,
Yet so tidy in the pages of the soiled calendar,
The light still shining, but not more than the smile,
The stifled yawn, the strained blink of the eye,
A figure hunched over an open book,
And a trail of vivid vigor on the easel hidden from sight.


  1. You're getting better each day.... These lines got me stuck into a pool of thoughts...

    1. That means a lot coming from you mate :D