Sunday, October 11, 2015


It’s been a long time since the ink lazed on the pages,
I traced your name the last time, and now it’s almost gone,
Vanishing into thin air, leaving behind no traces,
A bulk of memories trailing behind, dropping back with time,
I’m stopping too, though not for you, but for myself,
I waited for you, I stood by for you, and I held myself back for you,
The nights grew longer and so did the darkness,
The clouds covered all there was, yet no patter of the falling drops,
It was all so easy for you, or so it seemed,
As I slogged on, as I wished for more, as I wanted more,
I should have known you didn’t care,
The rain scribbles on paper, blotting the words,
But not scrubbing them out, till the end of time,
There are so many stories untold, futures coinciding,
Paths meeting, and people too, just like we did,
It was madness to envision the long road ahead,
It was just a prophecy waiting to break through,
It was just a prophecy waiting to tear us apart.

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