Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Old Times

I wish it all just vanished in a flash,
An inaudible poof to steer me clear from it all,
Just a blink to wipe my slate clean,
I want to start over with a new book in my hand,
A diary blank from cover to cover, not even a name imprinted,
The pages so crude under my hand,
Only to write a story again, from the beginning,
I want to see the ink trace my name again,
Burning itself into the background, and also into myself,
A soul waiting to be discovered from the depths,
A heart wanting to be found and kept safe,
Yet crouching in the shadows, jumping at every movement,
Each sound pushing the heart beat,
A wary eye peeping out, hoping to be seen,
Only to hide again, only to be caressed out,
Gently led into the light and the happiness waiting to return,
All I want is for the nightmares to fade away,
Just as I lay in your lap, cringing every time your hand touches my skin,
All I want to do is curl up in your arms as the storm calls in,
Just like old times; only that you weren't there then.

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