Saturday, November 21, 2015

Never Gonna Be Alone

It all began with the words I said to you,
And with what I didn’t as well,
It all came down in a moment of surprise,
I knew where it all was headed,
Shaking my head, yet smiling all the time,
I’m walking the road all over again,
I know exactly how it feels like, I hope you don’t,
Nothing’s changed, there’s not a speck of dust new,
The dunes haven’t shifted, the clouds unmoved,
Just a picture back from memory,
It all snaps away as I see you smiling,
The arid desert now a flowing blanket of green,
It’s a conflict, more like a war with a predefined slayer,
A tumult of emotions flowing haywire,
Disguising it is all I can do, to save it from your sight,
Wounds unhealed, scars reopened,
And an old smile unleashed from the dungeons,
It all comes with a price, I guess mine is you,
It’s a wish to smile again; it’s a wish to return,
A wish to stand tall alongside you,
Just for a promise I made,
You're never gonna be alone.