Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dream Come True

Strange is the word I would precisely use,
For time, for you and me, and for us,
Everything is changing for the better,
The sun beaming from above, and so are we,
The golden rays glimmering everywhere,
And I know how bad the shadows were, dark and gloomy,
And desolate, is exactly what I don’t feel like,
With just a look beside me,
An echo of myself, or is it a shadow,
A hand to hold, a shoulder to rest on, a face to smile for,
A reason to be happy, just everything,
We started at the bottom, and we're nowhere near the top,
The journey's making it fun, and so is the prize,
All to be with is you, a look-see into what I want,
A dream come true,
I’m satisfied, I’m pleased, and I’m at the top of the world,
Rushing into this inverted waterfall, leading only to the top,
We walk into the light together,
Smiles radiating more than there is to shed light on,
It’s what we deserve; it’s what we need,
We just don’t need another reason to be.

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