Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Long Road

The prolonged leave of absence shouldn’t end,
These times must not come to a close,
Miles away from home, still with family,
The enticing wilderness a welcome haven,
Drawing up new dreams, refining thoughts,
And a wish to fulfill in the days to come,
A plan to race on and a map to the finish,
New hands to hold and shoulders to lean on,
Old faces coming back through the haze,
Promises made and smiles shared,
Distances bridged in seconds, but we weren’t ever that far,
Closer than ever, but for how long,
The labyrinths of time lying in wait, or are they,
There’s a twinkle in our eyes, a shine on our face,
Rejuvenated or just reborn is the question,
We wait for the clock to start ticking again,
Waiting for the circle to retrace itself,
We smile our goodbyes, though not for long,
It’s not the end of the journey; it’s just the start,
The long road has just ended.

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