Sunday, January 31, 2016

To Infinity And Beyond

A lot has changed and so have you,
Our journey has moved on, and time has changed gears,
It’s all so different now, so special yet so indifferent,
We are the same, but we are different as well,
We're walking the same road, just that it’s clear ahead,
It seems so easy, but it isn’t at all, that’s all I feel for now,
The darkness echoing around me, whispering its secrets,
The shadows playing catch in the gloom,
And there’s a light waiting for us to catch it,
Until the moment I realize you aren’t there right now,
It’s just me for now, and I know how much you mean to me,
A different meaning, a new beginning, a vivid end,
That’s what you are, a hole waiting to materialize,
Forever or never, the options toughest to guess,
It’s a choice to make, a decision to live with,
I see your face as I close my eyes, and I know,
It’s a long road for us, stretching till infinity and beyond.

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