Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Journey

Life is an array, a mixed bag,
It’s a collection of good and bad,
It’s like the summer which has rain,
There are thoughts overflowing,
Wishes appearing, disappearing,
It’s a journey, life is,
It’s about waking up to something new daily,
Seeing the sun, the moon, the clouds,
With a new zest, a new zeal,
About holding together the vigor,
And making it last, till the last moment,
The people are like passengers, in this bus of life,
They get in, and they walk out, unquestionable,
Some stay, some don’t, and so do you,
It’s up to you to hold back, and wait,
To mourn the loss, or to walk ahead,
To hold onto the bar in front,
To prevent the fall at the next turn, at the next bump,
To greet the newcomer with a smile,
Or with the tears of the past,
You change buses, and you get off where you have to,
You don’t wait, that’s all there is,
It’s never about the destination,
All that teaches you, moulds you for the future,
Is the journey, and that is all that matters.


  1. Life is a mixed bag of sunshine and rain ...tears and joy
    well expressed
    Happy Day

    1. Thank you Ma'am :)
      Apologies for the late reply...