Monday, January 19, 2015


I was cursing the day before,
Red and black was all there was,
The pit was leaning in on me,
The walls were pushing in,
I was gasping for air,
I was looking for a way to end the suffocation,
The end seemed near, asphyxiation apparent,
Bursts of light came through,
But there was no way, till…
The bubble burst, air swarmed in,
Realization hit me later,
Things begin to change, no, mend,
The din of the silence washed away,
The crackers of celebration,
Cemented cheers, and a smile,
My heart rose, thumping, racing,
The coin had turned,
Color was all there was,
Looking into the sky,
The stars staring back at me, smiling,
I realized that dreams did come true.