Friday, January 23, 2015


It’s been a road so rough,
I’ve been wrecked and broken,
And I have risen as well,
There’s been day and night,
But there’s always been light,
Not guidance perhaps, but a plan,
The suns been up lately,
There’s the silence I prefer,
The corners, the niches of life,
The nooks and the crevices,
I’ve been away from the world,
But closer to myself I say,
Dark horse I feel like, not black beauty,
Duty I am of myself, not anyone else’s,
A shadow of myself I am not,
I am just myself,
Good entirely I am not,
Darkness is just my virtue,
I am what I am,
This is what my life is, a figure so huge,
I smile for myself, not you,
Here I stand, with myself so strong,
This is where my demons lie.

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