Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Reason To Smile

You are the reason, the only one,
For me to smile, the reason, to live,
The reason to enjoy, the reason to be there,
Your presence, so dear, your support priceless,
Your help a necessity, just you,
Your smile, a reason to be,
Your voice, a reason to talk,
The whispers running close, voices mingling, with secrets,
Your happiness is a reason, the only reason,
For my smile, and the twinkle in my eyes,
For my energy, and for my existence,
It’s not about me, never was, never will be,
It’s just you that matters, it’s not me,
It’s never been me for myself,
And it will never be, unless,
I walk away from myself, a half torn soul,
Or the past disappears, from memoriam, and being,
Or you stand by me, a reason, the one reason,
The only reason, just for my smile.