Sunday, April 12, 2015


I’m sneaking in through the smoke,
I’m racing ahead in the light,
Prancing past as you look down upon me,
Ballet dancer they call me so graceful,
Moving with the wind,
As silent as a cold wintry night,
Wound-up viper would be an understatement,
Just a cobra ready to strike,
Not the hunted but the hunter I am,
You can’t hold me, you can’t control me,
There is no fear, no pain, no mercy,
You may be a part, but I am the game,
No definite past and an undefined future,
I am all you have, the last resort,
Darkness is my only ally,
Silence is my family, all of it,
I don’t have a face fixed, so many,
But shadow they call me,
I rise when the sun falls,
And I never fall.