Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Silences in the noise cut right through the ear,
Blasting bursts of light blinding in the dark,
That’s just you and me together,
A reaction so violent, a disaster unnatural,
An illusion we are- an image distorted in the mirror,
A shadow huge but blurred in the gleam- our gleam,
We took the same road once; we took the same road twice,
Not lucky the third time, we trudged along untouched,
A turn for the fourth we raced each other to the finish,
Smiles decorate the clocks we turned,
Tears not shed for the desolate moments,
The gloom isn’t our burden to bear, nor is the cloudy doom,
And here we are at the crossroad again,
I don’t know which way you'll go,
And nor do you.


  1. Fate it was.. fate it will be,
    No matter what, we are bound by destiny.

    Wonderful poetry Karan! Couldn't help but add to it!

    1. Very true, destiny is something we can never discount from our lives.
      Fitting addition Bushra :D

  2. Crossroads are scary but thats life. Wonderfully penned poem!

    1. Very well said :)
      Thank you Ma'am...keep visiting..!!