Friday, April 17, 2015


It’s so weird is this time,
Standing here I’m gazing ahead at the future- bleak,
A patch of blur in the color of the now,
A haze to compliment the veil on the past,
A smile weak behind the tears gleaming and yet I’m beaming,
There is the heat of altercations approaching,
A silence of the calm, the peace lining the rest,
The vigor pushes me through, slowed by a storm of thought,
By the question mark of doubt I hold back,
And with the mirth I enjoy wholly,
With the belt of life taking me through, I wonder,
A strange curiosity, an expectation prancing within,
A combination so vivid so dangerous,
I’m held back right now, caught out in the tempest of emotion.


  1. Lovely. You have captured something that I had been feeling too! You rock!

    1. Glad you could feel it :D
      Keep visiting..!!

  2. Lovely lines Karan :-) Cheers, Archana -