Sunday, November 8, 2015

Walk Away

Time has moved on quite a lot,
We've come so far from where we started,
And we sure have got a long way to go,
Mountains in between, piled so high,
And valleys- dark, deep, dangerous,
There were flashes in between, the rest being void,
A dirty splash of darkness spread all around,
Yet the sun shone through, in the form of you,
I wish it were all so different today,
You would be my sun, my star, my light,
Or do I,
I smile at your thought; I’m weak on seeing your face,
I cry when I see the moon, waiting just like me,
Miracles go wrong, and mistakes fall into place,
That’s just you and me, I guess,
Here I am smiling, walking into the new light,
Shadows stretching till the darkness,
I turn for a last glance, eyes gazing at the end of the tunnel,
A speck of light dancing, a weird buzz coming through,
Till I see your face, and my lips take your name,
Only till I walk away.


  1. Till I see your face......beautiful poem here....!

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it :D
      Keep visiting..!!