Thursday, November 12, 2015

Far Away

I’ve been searching high; I’ve been searching low,
Shoving light into the crevices around,
Pushing through the haze surrounding me,
Rubbing my eyes incessantly to work under fire,
Battling the hot onslaught trickling down my cheeks,
Just for a single glance, just to know you're fine,
Just a smile, your smile, only to know you're happy,
I wish the thundering in my head would be softer,
I wish the knot in my stomach would loosen up,
I wish I had you, just with me, to keep as mine,
It’s so faint, the line between longing and belonging,
Your voice is the map; your words are the coordinates,
All leading me to a place I’m familiar with,
A look into my eyes would say it all, stories altogether,
A look into my heart would tell it all, values,
A look into my soul would tell it all, a mirror for you,
But I’m heading back to where I came from,
Well, that’s just far away from you.


  1. Lovely...:)

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