Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Distorted Masterpiece

Some moments pass in a blur, and some linger,
Playing with the past, gently toying with time,
And some stay on, clutching at thoughts for dear life,
A wish is strange, until it comes true, yet so meaningful,
It’s all a figment in the mind, until the mirage breaks,
The ripples cracking the canvas which the eye wanted to see,
Shards flying all around, the tiniest hurt the most,
Pushing through the unhealed wounds,
Raking at the scars, hidden yet not sealed off completely,
The urge was too much to handle, sheer dominance,
Till you punctured through the palaces I had built,
That’s two to remember, and to stand through,
Yet I’m standing, holding firm, I guess I am,
I’m fighting, and it’s against myself, just for you,
It’s come back, the time, the memories, just one part of me gone,
And all that’s changed is the picture I’d drawn.


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